Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Can't Believe It!

I got my concert update from Mr. Small's and I saw that there was suddenly another concert scheduled on the day that Over The Rhine was supposed to be playing there.


I just bought my tickets on Saturday!

So I went over to the Over The Rhine website and lo and behold they postponed the concert because they are the opening act for Ani Difranco.


They are still coming to Pittsburgh, but to a different venue and as a opening act instead of a headliner.

Whatever expletive you'd like to insert hear would probably fit.

I was so excited about this concert. I had plans of a fully enjoyable weekend. A concert on Saturday and maybe going to the mountains or somewhere fun on the Sunday, since I had plans of renting a car.

All my plans are shot to hell. However I will be better off financially.

Yay!(That's a very sarcastic yay! I might add)

I better get good seats for Gordon Lightfoot, or I will cry, and that's a fact.