Saturday, January 31, 2004

Number 5....Number 5....Number 5

No I haven't messed up the chant to that old Beatles (was it a) song. I'm working on a suggestion for a mix cd. The suggestion was given to me by a fellow blogger, and I thought the idea was great.

The mix will be compiled of various track fivess from my cd collection. It does seem that many track fives are strong songs. I have about 10 songs ready for the mix now, so I only need to go through about 8 more cds looking for track five.

I will of course, post the mix here and on the art of the mix site when I'm done.

Deb also gave me the idea of using movie songs. This could be quite interesting, since I have loads of movie soundtracks. Sad thing,The Moody Blues really haven't had any of there...Oh wait..I lie...The Moody Blues will be on that mix. I completely forgot the soundtrack for Journey Into Amazing Caves. Squee, the Moody Men won't be left out.

I think the fun part of making these mixes is going to be doing the artwork. I have some ideas for the Track 5 mix. When I finish the artwork will be posted at the Art of the Mix site as well. Now I just have to find the songs to put on the mixes.