Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Tunes: Week 84

From Music Memoirs

1. What's your favorite song to blare in your car?
There's actually two songs, one is an old favorite, Oingo Boingo's Insanity. That song has always been able to cure road rage. Sure its a little dark and creepy but that's what makes it work. Listen and watch here.

A current favorite is by Sugarland. Yes, I love a country song, so what, It Happens. You can listen to that one here. Jennifer Nettles is 100 different kinds of awesome.

2.How do you listen to music in your vehicle?
Sadly I can only listen via CD or radio. My car is too old to be able to hook my mp3 player up through an adapter. Sadly most of the time I just listen to BOB.FM or WSHH.

3. If you were going on a long journey, what music would you take with you?
I usually take most of my favorite artist and songs on several mix CDs. Its easier that way and I don't feel like I've left some song or artist I love at home. Its funny if I'm going on a roadtrip I always act like I may never hear my favorite music again.