Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I finally got my bills for my colposcopy that I had done on April 7. My insurance paid some of it, but all in all I'm stuck with $575 now. Plus I'm waiting to see if my insurance is going to cover part of an office visit for something else. If that's not covered tack on another $115

Uh, President Obama will you please explain to some whacknuts out there that the health care system is BROKE. Why? I shouldn't have to pay $154 for insurance that doesn't really cover much plus has a high deductible. If I had the cash on hand I would be going to the doctor's. But right now I feel like I'm paying that and more. It just doesn't seem quite right.

The whole country can't work for companies that pay for health insurance. If they did, chances are there would be no small businesses hiring and the country needs small businesses.

So just when I thought I was about to crawl out from the debt medical monkey, It grabs me and pulls me back in.



And I have another Pap next month as a follow up from the colp in April. More fucking bills. It sucks to be a woman sometimes.