Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm So Freaking Angry Right Now

I was shifting the cushions on my couch, you know the one I just bought back in February when my dad got out of the hospital and there's a tear in the fabric inside the couch. Its nowhere where anyone could see it, but I know its there. The stuffing is poking out.

I don't know if something snagged it the few times the sofa bed was opened or what happened. Its not even in a place where I'd lay blame on the cats, because they don't go under the furniture. They prefer to be on it.

I just can't believe this. We haven't even had the couch for 6 months and I spent $500 for it! My brother paid for the new chair.

I want to scream right now.

That was my whole tax return.

I could cry.

No, I am crying.

Why does everything get ruined? WHY! WHY! WHY@