Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad Day

I might as well chime in on the recent celebrity deaths:

1. Ed MacMahon: No one will forget Johnny Carson's sidekick. Will he be remembered for anything else? Well that remains to be seen. Did he do anything before Carson? Gosh I can't even remember hearing and for my life at least that's all he did.

2. Farrah Fawcett: My brother had the infamous POSTER. I know he's probably at his home in Ohio feeling a little bit sad. She was quite the actress and she had that special something too. I think it was the hair. She fought a brave fight with cancer. She will certainly be missed.

3. Michael (whacko jacko) Jackson: Never was my favorite singer. I owned only a copy of Thriller because it was the thing to have. His death was a total surprise, but in a way, not. How can you not expect someone like him to die young? He went from being a cute black boy into a white man. Plus all the scandals had to add stress. So his passing was a surprise and yet it wasn't. He did produce some wonderful music in his time on earth and for that I hope he'll be remembered more for, than the scandals.