Monday, June 29, 2009

Cat Feathers

I know you are probably looking at those words and thinking, Andrea has lost her mind, but my kitty Mutchka has cat feathers.

See a few weeks ago he jumped on the table without us knowing and spilled a cup of ginger ale and decided to lay down in it.

Two words there "DUMB ASS"

I tried to wipe him clean with a soapy wash cloth but I decided I wanted to keep most of my blood inside me.

I asked a friend who volunteers and fosters animals for a Pittsburgh Shelter what I could do. She's suggested baby wipes. So far its cleaning him up a bit, but I guess until he rips out all the matted fur himself, hence the cat feathers, he's going to look like a nappy cat.

Unless someone volunteers to bathe him. If so I would suggest protective gear. He may be a 15 year old kitty, but he's strong and when pissed, well he's REALLY STRONG!