Thursday, June 04, 2009

I've done the math

Firstly, let me say I freaking hate doing math. But there was a bit of a financial crisis that got me really stirred up.

I make squat for money. That's neither here nor there. I'm not always certain of getting my 40 hours. But before April 26, 2008, I had my budget sorted that I would have enough to have most of my debt paid off. I figured in that I would buy stuff and use my credit card, because the time stuff is needed and payday don't always coincide.

I however didn't expect 10% of my salary going for every day bills on a house that I don't live in, ever want to live in, or could afford to live in. (unless I was cohabitating)

That 10% does not include the $323 that went to pay inheritence tax. Plus the other property taxes which come to about $650 a year..and then there's the Sewage and Garbage bills. (And I don't even put out garbage at that address)

And people wonder why there's no extra money for a car or car payment right now.


I'm so mad and frustrated...and frankly this rant is brought to you by Medco Health, the pharmacy that fucked me over and caused my checking account to overdraft yesterday, for an error on their part, not mine. But that's a totally different rant.

As Simon Le Bon said..."Big Fuck Off World!"