Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day Of Rants

Why is it that people take it personally if you don't like or think the same bands they listen to are the most awesome in the world?

I love Elvis Costello and The Moody Blues and a whole host of other artists. I openly admit to saying I can't freaking stand Green Day, though one or two of their songs manage to burn themselves into my brain when I turn the wrong radio stations on. I like Torchwood, but there is something about John Barrowman that irks me to high even, and when he sings pop music I really want to run screaming for the hills.

When I say this I'm not saying well, you have shit taste in music. I may be thinking it but I won't say it or type it at you, unless you really get on my nerves.

Music is personal and we all like things for different reasons. I like some country music, other people won't even give some of it a shot. It was by accident that I even started liking some of the country music that I do like, like Lady Antebellum that is more rock oriented than true country. But that's neither here nor there.

Someone posted something on my music website that really got up my nose yesterday. I posted a discussion thread on 5 of the most popular music releases for the month of May and this person, who is an online friend left this remark under Green Day, now mind you, I left no remarks about their new album as they aren't the kind of music I like. When I listen to punk I want it to be the stuff from the 70s when it was a bit edgier.

But this was left under the discussion thread there

"I know certain people *coughcough* aren't fans of GD, but I am."

Yippee skippy you like GD. Thrillsville. Write what you think and shut your trap before I go apeshit on your whiny emo ass.

If I didn't get $689 in medical bills plus $92 home owners insurance bill yesterday maybe I wouldn't be annoyed, but with that thrown on my doorstep everything is really pissing me off.