Monday, June 22, 2009

Things That Annoy

Yes, its time for another exciting episode of "Things That Annoy"

~ There's never enough room in closets/dressers for the laundry even though these clothes came from those same places.

~ The car always needs gas when I have the least amount of money.

~ When you want to use the elliptical at the gym every one but the two in front of the windows will be in use.

~ Some 90 lbs skinny bitch will always be on the AB machines.

~ One beer will makes me a weepy drunk. ONE FREAKING CORONA!!!!!

~ There's never enough time to read all the books that are piling up in my house.

~ No concerts that I can afford coming to the city when I can see them.

~ Bernie the 91 Chevy Beretta simply for existing or not ceasing to exist

~ A certain computer I use that operates on windows 98 and only has a dial up connection. Ya know that piece o' poo isn't in my house. Growls.

~ The waistline that is resisting all the exercise I've been doing.