Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things You Don't Mind Spending Money On

Sometimes spending money on something can bring a smile to your face. There are a few things that definitely make purchasing something worthwhile. Here are the things that make me happy to part with my cash.

1. A good book. I always find that an entertaining read is money well spent. I just recently bought called Elsewhere which was totally wonderful. I spent more money on this book than I like to spend, but it was such a delight to read that I don't begrudge the expense anymore.

2. A good meal. If the food is good, the cost doesn't matter. Granted I'm not one to spend $50 on a meal, but I like good food, its one of the joys of life. Anytime a meal out is fully enjoyed is money well spent.

3. A good movie. I don't mean a DVD because in my household its hard to watch anything uninterrupted. What's money well spent is an afternoon or even at the movies with a big tub of buttery popcorn and an ice cold Coke. That my friends is usually worth every penny.