Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Insane Prices

Once again I got my morning email from and once again my eyeballs popped out at the price of some of the shoes on that site.

Todays ad was for sandals! I love pretty sandals but where I work, I'm pretty much confined to servicable shoes of the sneaker variety or my Crocs flip flops. But I had to look at the selection and oh were the shoes pretty.

Hey I'm a girl. I like shoes!

Then I looked at the prices!

Holy crap!

There were several pairs that weren't even what I'd call cute priced nead $125! There was a gorgeous pair of Hush Puppies but the price on that pair was $75! For freaking sandals? That's insane!

Now I've paid that price for a good pair of walking shoes and even for a pair of heels once or twice when I worked in a more public occupation, but never for sandals. I'd have to wear them everyday for a year to make them worth that price, and from the looks of a few of those pairs of shoes, they wouldn't last that long.