Monday, June 08, 2009

Todays Rant Brought To You By

Bilbo was joining in on the National Health Care debate.

Allow me to toss my 2 cents into the ring.

I work for a small construction company. My salary puts me at poverty level, but its a job close to home and it pays the bills. One of those bills just happens to be my own health insurance, which right now costs me $153.55 a month, with a deductible of $1250.00

This is the first year in over 10 years that I've had health insurance and I've spent a few grand on bull shit. You know like those papers that the doctor needs to fill out so that the Insurance company can determine if you have a preexisting condition. And those forms cost $10 on top of what the insurance company decides not to pay.

So I'm happy if you have a nice health care plan that your place of employment pays for or pays for partially. Good for you.

I don't.

I also don't make enough money to pay for the kind of health care that would really allow me to be worry free. To have the good health care plan I'd have to sacrifice half my monthly pay.

How many of you can afford that?

I can't.

So when asked if I think the health care system in the US is broke, I say YES. When asked if I think National Health Care would work, I say YES. Its worked in other countries. How we're going to pay for it now, that is another question. But something HAS to be done.

I won't even go into my rant on the wife of one of my co-workers who has uterine cancer and has to find out how to pay for her surgery because she doesn't have health insurance.

Think about that people. Think about the people that are your neighbors possibly, or someone's mother that isn't old enough for medicare but still doesn't have insurance, with cancer that can't afford to have it taken care of.

Think about that, when you say our system isn't broke.