Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Rants

I'd like to tell the governor of my fine state to go f himself right now. Obama just gave us a cut in my federal taxes. I needed that. PA's wonderful governor is about to take that away.

Thanks a whole lot.

He apparently doesn't pay my bills.

He isn't struggling to see where the $600 for medical bills is going to come from. He says the median income in PA is around $50,000. Yay for those that make that. I don't. I make less than half of that.

So Mr. Governor, do you know where you can take your tax-hike and shove it?

I just spent yesterday trying to sort out my finances, realizing that there's no way I can do a road trip that involves a hotel stay this year. He blames wall street. Well I have to say everything isn't wall streets problem. Yes, the economy took a hit and still is, so we're going to penalize everyone for the mismanagement of things by both private and public sectors.

Yes, Mr. Governor make sure that the rich get richer and the poor get dug into a deep whole they can't get out of.

I flip you the bird, and I'll be glad when your butt is out of Harrisburg.