Friday, June 19, 2009

An Open Letter To My Parish Priest

Father, this week you were accused of the most unspeakable thing a priest could do. My heart is broken right now. You have been a friend for over 17 years to myself and my family. We love you. We trust you. And now this.

You've shared so much laughter and tears with all of us. Your pain was ours and vice/versa.

I feel betrayed. I feel angry. I feel pity for you, because you've been accused and damned already without a trial.

I want to believe that you couldn't have done this.

I want to be believe that the man I know, that comforted my family and myself in our time of need, couldn't have done this.

I want to forgive you for something that I truly believe is unforgivable and yet I don't know if there's anything yet to forgive. My heart wants to defend you and shield you from what's being shouted from the media.

My heart aches for both you and the victim and their family. My heart aches for my parish. But most of all my heart aches for myself, because I don't know if I can feel comfortable calling myself a Catholic anymore.

Why, Father? Why?

Please let these allegations be false, I want to believe you are the man I've known and loved all these years.

I love you so much Father....why you? My favorite priest in the whole world.

I'm praying for you now to be strong. I'm just praying...and I hope someone will listen.