Monday, June 01, 2009

Such an odd day

Not today, yesterday. Besides having the awesome food coma, I did some cleaning and found some things I've been looking for, for a very long time. I found the brand new Mr. Coffee, 4 cup maker my mom got for Christmas a few years back, buried in her bedroom. (Thanks Michael) I also found a doll I bought for my friend Jennifer's daughter, that I've been looking for now for over a year.

Jenn, you better come for a visit soon, before it gets lost again!!!

I did an extra load of laundry yesterday so that Michael could have his Dairy Queen shirt when he goes in today. Why do I do the kid's laundry? He's not mine! My sister has a washing machine! He's 17 too.


The boy will cut the lawn but he can't wash clothes.

Another one of life's mysteries.

Go figure.

At least I've found the stuff he's hidden. Woot!

See Michael is a neat freak but he doesn't clean, really, he straightens or hides stuff and the stuff he hides is the stuff we are always looking for.

This is reason #481 why I like making messes.