Monday, July 19, 2010

Political Rant

I'm so sick of republican ads that say we're sick of the government bailing people out and then showing a GM logo.

Uh, yeah, I know the government gave lots of money to GM, but if they didn't, chances are by now, there would be NO GM! The company would have likely had to go through the other type of bankruptcy, you know, the one were everyone loses their jobs?

And why is Obama getting the full blame for bailing out Wall Street? That was done when erm, he was just elected.

Then there are these a-holes known as The Tea Party. Maybe they should have one, in the middle of the harbor, only let's throw them in instead of some perfectly good tea.

What I don't grasp is that, we all said that Healthcare Reform was important in the election, when we got it, we bitch and moan. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

We don't want the global markets to collapse throwing the whole world into a recession, but when we bail out the banks, we bitch and moan.

WTF do we want!!!


Bilbo said...

I think you and I need to get together and share the cost of a bulk order of blood pressure medicine.

vw: exoldi - retro.

Mike said...

Nice rant. I agree with all of it.

Janelle said...

My favorite was the one today putting down Sestak for voting with energy taxes that destroyed jobs. I'm not sure how I feel about said taxes, but some care does need to be put in the environment & all they care about is what creates or destroys jobs. Yes, we're in a recession & jobs are hugely important right now, but just because something isn't creating jobs doesn't mean it's the work of the devil.

The other thing is Bush issued some bailouts at the end of his term, too, but they forget all about those. Like Bush's were necessary & Obama's are terrible simply because of who ordered them.

And the Tea Party. Protesting high taxes when in reality, the average Tea Party member thinks taxes are much higher than they actually are, essentially meaning they're protesting taxes that don't exist.