Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ever Wonder Why You're Reading Something?

My friend, Mary, gave me a huge bag of books that she had already read. I happily accept all books, as most of you know.

It was mostly Nora Roberts, whose books I love, a James Patterson, and one V.C. Andrews.

I read all of the original books when I was in junior high, because that was the thing to do, but once the lady died, I didn't read the ghost written books, which make up the bulk of her writing.

What was the first book I picked up from this pile of books?

The damn V.C. Andrews book, Heavenstone Secrets.

If I were V.C. Andrews I would haunt my family and that ghostwriter until they stopped. Yes, her books were creepy. Yes, they were filled with incest, but they were all well written and you really wanted to keep on reading.

This is garbage.

Yet I'm halfway through and I must finish it. And like The Twilight Saga, I will have to read the next book, because I'm crazy like that. I can only hope I find Secret Whispers in a Goodwill Store or some discounted book place!


Mike said...

I've got a cousin that wrote some books in the early 90's for the Harlequin Temptation Series under the pen name of Kelly Street.

1. The Virgin and the Unicorn by Kelly Street
2. Under Her Influence by Kelly Street
3. The Soldier of Fortune by Kelly Street
4. Only Human by Kelly Street

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some boooks can have you under theie influence.

Bilbo said...

People who read my blog ask themselves this question all the time.