Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And Life Gets So Random

~ Hungry Girl from previous post said she didn't delete my comment. OK, HG is forgiven. Apparently I'm crazy. I still know that my post vanished from the site. Maybe facebook ate it. It doesn't explain it totally but ah well. The internet is a crazy place.

~ Read an article about aspartame that non-sugar sweetener and frankly I think I'll take sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Aspartame causes bloating and there was even mention BRAIN TUMORS. Yeah...I think I'll take the extra calories. Don't believe me? Read this.

~ For any of you locals, go to Eat N' Park and try the Baked Bruschetta Chicken, it is really good and filling!

~ This heat is really getting disgusting. Even on a day when it was only about 85, it was impossible to sleep last night. I needs sleep people!

~ White Collar on USA is quite possibly one of my favorite summer shows. Psych is my favorite but this one is definitely number 2. I wonder how much of my love is based on the hotness of Matt Bomer? Hmmm.

~ Elvis Costello is releasing a new Best Of. Hmm.. I think I'll pass. Unless he tosses in something rare that I don't have.

~ Did I mention I took my blood pressure at Shop N' Save on Sunday and it was down. 137 over 87. Still a bit high but not as bad as it was at the doctor's the past Friday.


Mike said...

Here's the wikipedia article on the Aspartame controversy.

Janelle said...

White Collar is easily my new favorite show, & I can safely say that although Matt Bomer is the most beautiful man on TV right now, that's not why I watch it obsessively every week.

Molly Bandit said...

artificial sweeteners are bad news indeed. Go read my LJ entry from today. They've had some pretty nasty side effects on me.