Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Let's Talk About Music

I finished my review on Purple Tree yesterday. I love the reviews that I don't get paid for doing? Why? If I want to write a short review, I can.

But back to Purple Tree.

If you like bands like Pink Floyd, Oasis, The Beatles, and The Kinks, you definitely want to try them. The guitar work is very like Floyd and on occasion boarding on Black Sabbath. (Yeah that kinda threw me too). The vocalist, David Perry, has a very youthful sounding voice, almost girlie at times, but not quite a bit like Peter Noone or in more recent years, Ian Brody from The Lightning Seeds.

The album is called The Final Prophecy, which made me inititally think the album was going to be all deep and thoughtful, but it really wasn't, so that gets a yay in my book. I don't like to think too much when I listen to music, I like to listen and enjoy.

You can listen to the album @ Purple Tree Music. I recommend listening to Happiness (The Ending Day) which a really gorgeous tune. If you want to read my review click here


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds like they could appeal to a lot of people.