Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hungry Girl Can Kiss My Butt

You know that chick that is all over the morning talk shows with her helpful hits at eat this instead of that.

Well she posted something on facebook yesterday about a promo McDonald's was going to run but obviously changed at the last minute and I left a comment, and she deleted it.

See McDonald's was going to give out samples of the new smoothies, which are really good btw, but they changed their mind.

I realize that McDonald's was wrong not to notify people who obviously were going to share that with a mass emailing, but the company did give a coupon for a free small smoothie in one of the inserts in the Sunday paper. I can't remember if it was the USA Today mag or the American Profile mag. Either way, they are giving you a whole free smoothie, which is better.

I essentially mentioned the coupon and said I'd rather have a whole smoothie then one of those little sippy cups.

And she deleted my post!

Oye vey.

And it doesn't take much to send a correction email, companies do it all the time so can Hungry Girl.

Hungry Girl and your peeps, I am no longer a fan.

~ Edit: received a notification from Lisa aka Hungry Girl that she didn't delete my comment. Hmmm funny, logged into the HG facebook page, saw the post and went through 263 comments and mine wasn't there. Oh and proof that I'm not the CRAZY one, I had a notification that facebook that there was a comment from that post, so I clicked the link and my comment was gone. Yeah. I know I'm nuts, but I'm not that crazy.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ouch! That's a bad thing she did.