Friday, May 01, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 220

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 artists you might not have listened to if not for the internet (tell us how you discovered them)

1. Judd Starr: I discovered his album Spirit and Skin through the internet. It was totally random too and was probably one of my best finds last year. His music is like Duran Duran only better, more intelligent and with less makeup. Oh and go to CD Baby and buy his music. NOW! Actually you should have bought it yesterday!!

2. Deni Bonet: I read her blog for ages, but never listened to her music until last year and boy am I glad I did. Anyone that sings a song called Fuck It is ok in my book.

3. Keri Noble: Would you believe I discovered her while surfing blogs awhile back? I bought Fearless as a result of that and I've been a fan ever since.

4. Down By Avalon: I found them while shopping at CD Baby. If you like The Moody Blues, click on the link and listen to their songs on Reverbnation. You won't be sorry.

5. Chris Blake: He actually found me, and I'm glad he did. His Waves CD and his new EP Tetris should be in everyone's collections. Great stuff!