Friday, March 27, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 216

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 artists whose antics never cease to amaze you.

Yes, I admit, I love gossip. I don't live for it, but I love it and it does amuse me, when life is just too mundane.

That said here's my list.

1. Britney Spears: I love it when she does wacky stuff. At times I feel sorry for her, but then I think, why? Its more fun to giggle when she does something stupid. Like this. Listen for what she says about 48 seconds in. WTF!

2. Paul McCartney: He's a Beatle I've got to know what he's up to, even if he's making a fool of himself over a woman or marrying a total loser. *cough* Heather Mills. At least the time prior to the divorce papers getting signed was amusing. Good job Paulie!

3. Amy Winehouse: This woman is scary but oh the stupid stuff she gets up to. Of course how can you not get up to stupid stuff when you are all drugged out? Heck sometimes she doesn't even have to do stuff, you just have to look at her to laugh!!

4. Miley Cyrus: If dad doesn't watch out for his youngun' she's going to eventually go the way of Lindsey Lohan and her career will be washed up. Of course, this is to be expected since she was sold to the Disney channel by dad so he could try to revive his not so hot career.

5. John Mayer: His on again off again relationship with Jen Aniston makes my day. One of these two is really in love or really stupid because they keep going back to each other. Oh and WTF is up with his Twitter obsession? I hate twitter....its damn annoying. Its for people too lazy to really blog.