Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The New Stove Cometh!

I got the call this afternoon that the new range will be delivered sometime tomorrow afternoon. The old range is 60 years old. It was the only oven my parents ever had. It is a white Tappan.

They don't make em like that anymore!

It was the most awesome stove. It had 2 electrical outlets on the backsplash and a light! It also had two side drawers for storage!

It looks similar to this one only our oven door has no window. It is a shame that there is no one that can work on the stove, it could be restored, but with dad's health so bad, and there not being a rent-a-man store around, it will just have to go.

~big sigh~

She will definitely be missed


rashbre said...

Wow - the old stove looks like something from a space-craft. There is something amazing about those old designs.