Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Why Do Things Sucketh So?

Yesterday was my 38th birthday. I don't usually expect much when it comes to these things, but yesterday was exceptionally awful. By 8:30 I was dealing with an insurance claim from my little fall down the stairs that could cost me $1000.00


Then after only 30 minutes at work, my mom ends up at the ER where I spend most of the day. When I leave the ER...with 5% charge on my battery, my brother calls, wishes me a happy birthday and mentions that it might be time to put mom in a home.

Well fuck you really hard dry!

After a small tiff that escalated on Facebook today. Thank you political pictures, I am no longer speaking to my brother. In fact, I refuse to acknowledge him as my brother. I wash my hands of him, so much so that his birthday present is getting mailed back. I don't want his money.

In fact. I want nothing to do with him.

So lots of drama in the past 48 hours. A lot of it I could do without...and you only know half of it. I am however sure, my brother was switched at birth and somewhere out there is a 60 year old man that is my actual brother.


Diane said...

Belated birthday wishes.

I'm so sorry about your birthday. Your are handling things all by yourself, without the help of other family members. This is not fair, Andrea. You deserved a happy birthday. I hope things get easier for you.