Sunday, July 29, 2012

Food For Thought

I believe in the second amendment.

However, let's look at two recent shooting rampages, Western Psych in Pittsburgh and Aurora Colorado.

What do these two massacres have in common?

Both were crimes committed by people that mental disorders. Both shooters were or had been in therapy, and yet both were allowed to buy weapons.

To me that doesn't seem right.

Actually people that are allowed to build their own private arsenal doesn't sit right with me either. Sure we have a right to keep and bear arms, but to the extent that we are our own branch of the armed forces?

Plus it seems like any idiot can buy a gun.

How many children are killed each year because parents are careless with their weapons, that they no doubt bought to protect their families?

Sure banning guns is not going to stop them from getting in the hands of criminals, but stricter background checks might keep them out of the hands of nutjobs.

And civilian needs an AK 47. Sorry...not necessary..what purpose does that have other than killing?


Mike said...

I was watching a local TV show where they brought up the question, 'How many more people were killed by guns across America on the same day? Why arn't people talking about them?'