Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Better Days Ahead

Something has got to get better, right?

I'm waiting for the world to declare a Universal Day of Reading

Allow me to outline the holiday for you.

It will be as important as Christmas.

It will be a paid day off.

All persons should be left to there books, audio books, ebooks. Anyone caught disturbing the reading of that person will be sent directly to a corner...not passing go, not collecting a book of their own.

Peace and quiet are a must.

Special reading activities will take place in libraries all over the world.

People will pay homage to the printed word, as they ought.

It will be a day of rest and relaxation and coffee will flow freely.

Now if only I can convince world leaders to make this day a holiday....


rashbre said...

great idea!

Bilbo said...

I would absolutely support this holiday ... except it should be a quarterly (at least) rather than an annual observance.