Sunday, July 01, 2012

An Early Present To Me

I helped stimulate the economy yesterday.  I bought a brand new Dell laptop. Mostly because it is getting to difficult to do my work from upstairs when I have to take care of mom and dad.

I think I got a pretty sweet deal too.

500 GB harddrive

4 GB of memory (Do I have that right..where is my box?)

A DVD writer drive.

Windows 7, of course

Oh and a 15.6 screen. The screen is absolutely stunning, I must say.

Right now my only issue is learning how to type on the keyboard. I'm not used to laptops at all. I think I could come to love this thing though.

Oh and did I mention the puter and a 2 year service plan were only a little over $500? And I've got no interest financing for 12 months?


That's a good deal!


rashbre said...

It sounds brilliant. And the big question about whether to copy all the old programs across onto it or whether to start again afresh?

Bilbo said...

Nice! I'd like to buy a new laptop, but I just can't convince myself that the old one needs replacing. Soon, though ...