Saturday, July 21, 2012

Too Tired

I spent most of the day trying to clean the dining room.

We have entirely too much clutter in this house and over the past few weeks, I've been trying to get rid of stuff that isn't necessary.

I'm pretty sure the garbage man hates me.

I'm working on the first floor right now...Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room. I have managed to get a few things in the bathroom in order too. That's a plus.

Having a house that was never remodeled and is over 100 years old is not fun for many reasons.

1. No central air..and erm..we have a coal furnace.

2. No closet space in any of the bedrooms.

3. No cabinets in the kitchen either. I would love to know how the couple that lived in this house before 1967 did their cooking, because using the kitchen table to prepare meals is not fun in any sense of the word.

I still have lots to do tomorrow...laundry and more dejunking. If anyone wants to help...Please show up with garbage bags and a squeezy mop please! I want to clean the walls.