Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Bad To Worse

I think the question really is, what didn't happen to me today.

1. Found out that they shut the electric off in my house (not the one I live in, of course) on May 15th for no good reason.

2. I go down to take out the fuses and discover there was something left in the freezer that is now..super rotten and the house REEKS!

3. There's no water! WTF! I pay the bill every damn month on time!

4. Had to find motel rooms in Baltimore for one night for the work crew. WTF is going on in Baltimore tonight?

5. Boss was getting a bit pissy with me about something that left me unsettled.

I can't take much more. Nothing is going right for me at all. I can't get anything situated..I can't get anything accomplished.

It is just all too damn much!