Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Olympic Sized Rant

I have to tell you. I hate the Olympics. I've never enjoyed them one bit and this  year is no exception. I thought I would get some enjoyment from the opening ceremonies, after all, Paul McCartney was performing, but OMG he was awful.

They claimed he was all choked up at the beginning of Hey Jude, but does that account for him sounding so terrible? I don't really think so.

And then there is the matter of how lousy he looks too.

I'm sure Linda is looking down from Heaven shaking her head at him. When she was still alive, Paul was allowing himself to grey gracefully. He looked good. Now that he has to keep up with his "younger" wives and his young daughter, he's coloring his hair and trying to look like he did 40+ years ago.

Note to Paul: It isn't working.

I've always found that the older a person is, the more ridiculous they look when they color their hair. Let's face it, at 70, your hair isn't naturally brown.

Paulie should try to act and look his age...It might be better for our ears and our eyes.


Nikki-ann said...

Another problem is whenever there's a big event in the UK and it involves music, it's always Paul McCartney that's got to close the show and he plays the same stuff every time... It's like we've seen it all before... and he hasn't sounded good for a while now.

rashbre said...

The Olympics is all around us now and I've decided to get with the moment.

It sounded as if they were getting ready to play a tape for McCartney's piece and then switched to him live instead. It seems to have been erased from the replays.