Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Something To Ponder

Why is it that the safe place you put something, is also the place you forget about when you have to look for that item?

I put a library book in a gym bag, because one of my cats isn't fond of books at all. Apparently he's upset that he doesn't know how to read, and he uses them, and any other form of print media as a scratching pad.

So today, I'm hunting down my books, because they are due on Saturday and I want to get them read, so I don't have to renew them again, and I can't find the damn thing.

It took 2 hours and 3 people to find the safe place I put the book, which we had all walked past about 3 dozen times during our search.


Once again proving that none of us attended Millvale School For The Gifted


Mike said...

Been there done that.

Bilbo said...

Me, too ...