Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Computer

At 6 o'clock my desktop computer decided it didn't want to start. It took many attempts to actually get it started normally.

My whole life is on this stupid computer. My invoices and reviews, my downloads of music and books and for a minute there I saw my whole life flash before me. Thank god, it turned on about a half hour later.

So since I've been home I've been glued to my chair in this room that is hotter than hades trying to move files to my external harddrive where they should have been in the first place.

I've also been listening to music that I haven't listened to in ages...Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton John, Rob Thomas and Davy Jones.

Weird stuff.

It made for a pleasant evening, even though the whole process isn't much fun.

I'm hoping I get a chance to get everything moved before it totally dies.

Again, thank god I bought that laptop!

Cos technology hates me.

Oh and while I'm hating on technology did I mention that my smartphone, the lousy piece of crap, died last week? I'm 3 months before my upgrade period and I don't even know if I plan to stay with Verizon and the damn phone decides its USB charging port is going to bite the big one.


So yeah, technology hates my guts and smartphones are stupid!

And dammit...I miss my apps!


Mike said...

There's nothing like a close call to get someone backing up like they should have been doing all along. The 'I'd better back up' feeling lasts a few months but goes away.

Jim McKee said...

I use Carbonite, and worth every penny.