Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Another Reason I Love Winter

I had to go to the bank today for the boss. It is 3:30 and its snowing and I'm grumbling. As I slide my way down the driveway, I'm swearing a little bit more.

As I skid down North Avenue, I'm wishing I didn't have to go to two banks.

By the time I make it to the second bank, I'm ready for the looney bin.

Then I have to stop at the store, because with the roads so fucking lousy there is no way I'm taking my dad to Belle Vernon to another bank. I'm not risking life and limb to cash a check.

I get some groceries and start for home.

Holy fuckenolies, they didn't even plow/salt/do a voodoo dance over 5th St hill, which is usually the only hill in Charleroi On Mon that is ever 100% clear.

Me and Francesca the Focus trudged our way up the hill and there were a few times that I didn't think we were going to make it.

Think Paul Simon "Slip Slidin' Away"

Yes, risking life and limb to get from point A to point B is another reason why I fucking love ....erm..loathe winter.

Toss some money in my collection basket so I can move the family to Hawaii!


Mike said...

The check is in the mail.