Thursday, January 30, 2003

Bits of Randomness

My randomness is a mixture of to do's and other odds and ends.

Firstly I need to do some cd shopping this weekend. I need to find the Caroline Lavelle CD Brilliant Midnight as well as the recent Devlins and Erasure CDs. A few others too, but those are the ones I really need.

The CD burning party. I very likely may be burning about twenty or more shows again this weekend. All in the quest for more Bowie, Cure and Banshees shows. A few new Costello shows would be nice too. I need all the Costello-y goodness I can get.

Man out of Time needs to have a break. I need to get a few more pages written in Not My Slave.

~other bits and pieces

Why is it, when you are trying to burn cds for a certain day, your cd burner starts to make shiny coasters?

Spiderman...That movie was only good for one viewing...any more and it becomes cheesy and boring

Madonna's video for Bad Girl is the best video she's ever done. (and you've got to love Christopher Walken as the Angel of Death)

Things that you hate never seem to go away (case in point my job)

Things that you enjoy pass by so very quickly (case in point..days off)

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Went to see Chicago, at long last

Yes I've finally seen the film that everyone is raving about. I have to say they have good reason. It's probably the best film adapation of a musical that I've ever seen, and I've seen lots of them. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere steal the film. It really makes you want to become a part of that time period.

Renee Zellweger (or however you spell her name) is another story. I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but I only hope she didn't win any awards for her horrible acting. I thought she was truly vile, especially at the beginning when she's sobbing you bastard to Freddie the lover that she murdered.

I wasn't paying very close attention to the names of the other actors and actresses in the film, but I have to say, the fellow that played Amos also did a fantastic job and his one solo number was just incredible.

So if any of you are thinking of seeing this, I definitely say go. It's well worth the price of a movie ticket.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Nothing Much to Say

If you've read my livejournal you know I've had the cream of the crappiest of days. Car Trouble (Adam Ant pun intended) Work was Hell and a host of other miserable things today. So yes I'm ranting and no it's not likely to make me feel any better.

I'm burning a massive trade right now, 45 discs and I'm listening to alot of shows I've not listened to before. About 12 of the CDs I'm burning are The Cure, which I really don't have an obsession for, but hey in a few more discs I just might. I'll be very happy to burn the Matchbox Twenty disc and the Yazoo disc, just to hear them at long last. I've only had them for a few months.

And again, somewhere in the midst of all this burning I will make a mix cd or two, just for the fun of it.

Maybe by tomorrow night I'll be able to write in one of the two stories, but as of now I'm just burned out on everything. I just need alittle inspiration to get one of the stories kicking again, unfortunately I don't know where that's going to come from.

So until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Making of Mix CDs

I'm so in the mood to make some cds, but my imagination is going. Well it's been focusing so long on the story. So since I'm burning out a bit right now. I'm pondering some mixes. I want to make 3 cds in the next few days. On top of the 44 shows I'm going to be burning for trades. Yes I know I'm insane. I freely admit it, and my music is what keeps me happy.

I want to do a mix of Bowie tunes, some Costello tunes and a mellow tunes cd with various artists Upon finding out that one of my favorite not so well known bands, the Devlins have had a CD out for several months I've added them to the mellow collection along with the Counting Crows and Tori Amos.

What I've been trying to think of is a theme for my Costello collection. We have the Relationship Rollercoaster CD, I want to do something different. Something like the compilations that I did for Oingo Boingo. Then there is the option of a Gothy Dark and Brooding CD. I have many bands that would fit on that kind of CD: Siouxsie, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, the Smiths..etc

Anyone care to inspire me?

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Vote for Greg Proops

Go to NOW! Vote for Greg Proops for best comedian

Nuff said. Just do it!

Are You

I stole this from Katy's LJ, cos it looked amusing and I was in the mood for a survey of sorts

A big toe or a little toe? Big Toe ( in the Milk of Human Kindness...Yes the Pun is intended)
* Bubble gum or a jaw breaker? Jaw Breaker
* A Seahorse or a sea anemone? Anemone just cos it's a bitch to pronounce
* A Bubble bath of hot spring? bubble bath
* A Suit of Armor or a Gorilla Suit? suit of armor
* Red Lipstick or black nail polish? Red lipstick of course
* A blizzard or an avalanche? avalanche, but only if I land on PRC
* A dictionary or a thesaurus? thesaurus (cos I always liked dinosaurs...giggles)
* A lawn sprinkler or a lawn chair? Lawn sprinkler
* A sitcom or a soap? sitcom
* Whipped Cream or hot chocolate? Hot Chocolate (oh, but with Marshmellow fluff)
* Fuzz or fizz? Fuzz
* Baked Squash or lemon Meringue? Lemon meringue..yum
* A paper lantern or a spotlight? Paper Lanterns are so cool
* A convenience store or a tattoo parlor? Oh I get to be Sheetz!
* A squirel or a guinea pig? Guinea Pig!
* History class or science project: History class or more specifically British History Class
* A garden or a jungle? garden
* An oven or a stove? oven
* Fish or fowl? fowl
* Photograph or a painting? photograph
* A princess or a pea? princess
* Savings account or a checking account? checking
* Rubber or glue? Glue
* Graffiti or a greeting card? greeting card
* A pastry chef or and auto mechanic? Pastry Chef
* Decaffeinated or sugar free? what's the point
* Rubber duck or submarine? Yellow Submarine thank you very much
* Velvet or velour? Velvet
* A thunderstorm or a bubble machine? Storm
* A stick or a stone? stone
* A museum or a gallery? gallery
* A ghost or a zombie? ghostus with the mostus
* A cartoon character or a mythological creature? Mythological Creature
* A fruit or a veggie? fruit
* A bestseller or a classic? Oh now I can be an Anne Rice Novel!!
* Selling or buying? buying
* Stick figure or an inkblot? inkblot
* A reptile or an amphiban? amphiban
* Medusa or Muse? Medusa
* Italy or Switzerland? Italy
* Bucket seats or love seats? love seats
* Pistachio or cookie dough? cookie dough
* Velvet or sandpaper? velvet
* Poker or go fish? go fish
* Breakfast or dinner? dinner
* Canned or frozen? frozen
* Revolution or reformation? revolution
* Overnight or second day delivery? who cares
* Psychiatrist or a comedian? comedian
* A heart or a brain? brain
* A movie screen or a mirror? mirro
* A shark or a dolphin? shark
* A hearing aid or a pacemaker? pacemaker
* Road construction or a detour? Road Construction..cos it's already a part of my life
* Antiperspirant or deoderant? deoderant
* Shades or curtains? curtains
* A lamb or a wolf? lamb
* Spring or summer? summer
* Gold or silver? silver
* Bowling ball or bowling pin? Bolling pin
* A haunted house or a green house? Haunted House of course
* April showers or may flowers? May flowers, cos I'm sick of any form of percipitation at the moment
* A cardigan or a sweatshirt? cardigan
* A problem or a solution? Problem
* Ham sndwich or ice cream sanwich? ice cream
* A pile or leaves or a snow drift? Leaves cos I hate snow
* An airport or a train station? train station
* Guilt or Shame? I'm Catholic I must be guilt

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Did I mention that I am very tired?

I just got home from a very long but amusing day. I worked four hours or somewhere in that vicinity, then 2 friends of mine and myself went out. We went back to the Tiki Lounge, because April wasn't with us last week The Tiki Lounge is a rather amusing bar on Carson St in Pittsburgh, for those of you not familiar with it. Inside the bar is decorated like something out of "The Brady Bunch in Hawaii" There are booths with the whole thatched hut look. It's not easy to describe but its great!

We walked about the South Side for quite a bit. Found nothing at Dave's Music, again!! Why can't Pittsburgher's part with their Costello vinyl? I have yet to find one EC album on vinyl yet, and that depresses me. I want some Costello vinyl in my collection. I have Oingo Boingo Vinyl, Erasure Vinyl, Duran Vinyl and a myriad of other bands on vinyl, but no Elvis Costello. weep for me!

So tomorrow I hope to have a few more pages to Man Out of Time. I think I have a nice direction for where I want the story to go. Plus I'm going to be making a nice Bowie mix cd if time permits. I also have to burn 13 Costello shows for my trading partner Nigel. So tomorrow will be a busy day.

Friday, January 17, 2003

The Many Top Ten Lists of the Music Whore.

I posted the top 10 albums you can't live without at my livejournal yesterday, as well as my top 10 80's albums at my 80's list and my top 10 Elfman songs at my Elfman group. So as you might have established, I'm having a top 10 kinda craze. So I thought I'd share some more of my top 10's with you.

Top 10 Cheesy 80's songs

10. Adam Ant - Apollo 9
9. Animotion - Obsession
8. General Public - Tenderness
7. Erasure - Who Needs Love Like That
6. Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
5. Squeeze - Pulling Mussels from a Shell
4. OMD - If You Leave
3. Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian
2. Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now
1. Cyndi Lauper - She Bop

My top 10 Dark and Brooding Songs

10. Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
9. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Turn to Stone
8. Love and Rockets - No Big Deal
7. Bauhaus - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
6. Oingo Boingo - Out of Control
5. Depeche Mode - Question of Lust
4. Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids
3. The Cure - Fascination Street
2. Roxy Music - More Than This
1. Oingo Boingo - Long Breakdown.

Top Ten Songs of the Moment (meaning these songs stick in my head easily)

10. David Bowie - Modern Love
9. Erasure - Tell It To Me
8. Elvis Costello - Everyday I Write the Book
7. Cyndi Lauper - Shine
6. Adam Ant - Vive Le Rock
5. Madonna - Die Another Day
4. Mary J. Blige - Familiy Affair
3. Alan Frew - Lipstick
2. Duran Duran - Dreamboy
1. Matchbox Twenty - Disease

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Some Randomness

Ah..before I get around to posting more of Man Out of Time I've decided to just give you some random rambling thoughts.

~ Thanks to that Art of the Mix I've been trying to make a mix cd, and I can't think of one damn theme for one.

~Every now and then you listen to something that you haven't listened to in ages and you become obsessed with it all over again. (please take away my Adam Ant CDs)

~80's music has a lovely way of making you smile. For the most part it's so cheesy and so fun you can't help but enjoy the ride!

~You know life is bad when you start feeling like you are living out a Tom Petty song, and that Tom Petty song is "Even the Losers"

~When you really want to write something, you have no inspiration.

~Alton Brown and Greg Proops should do a show together, but I don't think my heart could handle all that goodness on one show

~Danny Elfman seriously needs to go in the studio and record an album of well songs. As much as I adore drifting to la la land with a good Elfscore, I'd love to hear Mr. Elfman sing something again. It's been way to long.

~If Duran Duran don't get that album out soon, they all may be collecting Social Security while on tour.

~What ever happened to Basia? She had a fantastic jazzlike sound, I miss her.

~Speaking of missing people, where is the former Phantom of the Opera, Michael Crawford hiding. The last I heard he was working on a musical about vampires. Can you say THUD?

Monday, January 13, 2003

Just for the fun of it

I decided to go back to the original title of the blog..cos I was bored..and just sitting around the puter pondering what interesting things I could put up on the blog...At some point I need to change the pictures on the side, but I'm very attached to that one picture of Elvis Costello, I just couldn't bring myself to take it down.

I have dozens of better pictures of Gregory,but I think Danny deserves his day in the sun. Goodness knows I have enough pictures of him that shouldn't distort the size of the page. My problem is I truly have so many pictures of Elvis that I could devote a whole website to him. One day I will, but I have a hard enough time keeping up my Elfman Shrines: both are sadly neglected, and my 2 Greg Proops pages.

Ah well, Elvis stole the spot Greg once occupied on the side of the page, cos well he's just better looking. Ah, nah that's not true, they are both doll babies, but pictures of Greg are just no fun. I should find a small picture of Duran Duran for my page or maybe Siouxsie and the Banshees so I can look at Steven Severin every now and again.

One day I'll post a rather lovely piece of Erotic poetry Mr. Severin wrote. It's called "The Pearl Ring" and can be found deep in the dark recesses of his website which is

If I'm correct the title of the volume of poetry was "the 12 revelations"

I'm going back to the book I am reading, it's called "Courtesan." Its about King Henri of France and his mistress Diane De Poitiers.


Sunday, January 12, 2003

Whose Interview is it Anyway

Picture this if you will�a forum of 14 Greg Proops fans sitting at their computers�composing questions for their favorite comedian. Can you see it? Well back in November 13 of the ocelots from my yahoo group and myself, came up with some questions for Greg, and like the sweetie pie that he is he answered them for us.

The questions we gathered were put together so we all know just a little bit more about our shy, elusive Proopdog. Perhaps we can learn a bit more about him by reading what he�s said.

Greg, in the last round of questions you answered you mentioned liking old school Elvis Costello. Have you had the chance to listen to the new album When I Was Cruel?

GP: Yes, I dig it.

More music questions for you Greg. Do you have a favorite song or album?

GP: Loads of favorites. Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, The Clash.

Do you recall the first album you ever bought?

GP: The first record I remember buying was the Jackson 5 Greatest Hits in 1971.

What kind of music do you listen to in relation to your various moods?

GP: Ambient or Arabic mix when I�m rolling. Rock n� Roll for the groovy times. Classical to calm down. Jazz to get my swerve on. Funk to prevail.

(Authors note�I want to be around when he gets his swerve on�. And will bring some cool jazz along for the ride)

Is there any quote that you remember anyone telling you or hearing in a song that has stuck with you and has made you the wonderful person that you are?

GP: Zillions. �Let them know� The Clash

At one time I recall you mentioning that you listened to the Monkees growing up. Were you a particular fan of the show or the band?

GP: Of course, I begged my parents to let me watch the first episode in 1966

I think everyone is curious about what music you listen to. Here are a few bands that we�re wondering if you have an opinion on. Good of crap are acceptable answers, or any other choice words you might have: U2, Moby, The Beatles, The Cure, Erasure, David Bowie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Oingo Boingo, David Gray, Matchbox Twenty, XTC?

GP: U2 never been a fan. Moby intelligent guy, very modern, meaning utterly commercial. Beatles rule. The Cure always-good fun. Erasure can�t go there. Bowie love it. Siouxsie-fantastic. Oingo Boingo a little to artsy-scharmtsy for me. David Gray, tried couldn�t do it. Matchbox twenty not for me. XTC awesome. I would add the Cramps, The Tubes, Lou Reed, Dylan, the Stones, Ray Davies, Pistols, Iggy and a million others..

(Authors note�damn Lou reed�damn him to hell)

You�ve been in the UK quite a bit this year. What is your favorite way to wind down in London after a hard days work?

GP: Drinking with the comedy store players

Are you planning on going back to Britain and if so when? Also what do you think of the Brits in general?

GP: Soon. I love them and I want to beat them to death with a rake. They have a snide, cynical view of the world that I relate to.

If you had the choice, would you still be living in England?

GP: I do have a choice.

Is there any one performance that stands out in your mind and if yes, why?

GP: I did an AIDS benefit in Dublin in 1995 or 6 it was intimate and on fire.

What kinds of projects would you like to work on next year aside from your tours, and what type of venue do you prefer do perform stand-up in?

GP: I like clubs and small theaters. I�m always working on comedy documentaries and talk shows. My fave fest is Edinburgh for the crack as the Irish say.

When you were growing up who were your inspirations on television and in movies that made you choose a career in entertaining and what were some of your favorite shows and movies?

GP: Jackie Gleason, Monty Python, Johnny Carson, Lily Tomlin, Laugh In, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Sgt Bilko, Make Me Laugh

Were you funny as a kid as you are now?

GP: I was a spaz as a kid

(Author�s note�I think this should have been an audio interview.. Because I want to hear him say spaz)

What is your favorite childhood baseball memory, and do you think that Dusty Baker can save the Cubs from themselves?

GP: Seeing the Giants and Willie Meys on the field for the first time when I was seven. I can�t talk about Dusty, I�m too upset.

Many casual observers watch Whose Line and say that it is to good to be improvised, does that offend you? Also is Jennifer a big fan of Whose Line and if so what is her favorite game?

GP: No it�s flattering. I don�t know I�ll ask her.

Did you enjoy working on Memory Skills and Potted Histories and how did you get involved in those series? Also what was up with those navy swim trunks in the bathtub by the way?

GP: Of course I loved doing them. The producers asked me so I said yes. I wore the trunks so as not to block the cameras with any enormous objects.

(Authors note: you wonder why I want this man fuzzy cuffed to my bed�phffft)

Do you personally find yourself to be a funny person, or do you do just do what you find pleases the audience?

GP: I�m not sure I understand the question. Yes I think I�m funny. No I never do something just cause it pleases the audience, unless I think it will kill.

What were other options for you if you had not decided on a career in comedy?

GP: Petty crime

(Smart-ass�says the author)

Is there something on your �List to do� in life that you would still like to accomplish?

GP: See the pyramids

Where are some of the places we can expect to see you performing in the New Year?

GP: Probably New York, San Francisco Valentine�s Day weekend, Canada I�m working on�

What do you most fear?

GP: Being afraid. W�s world view

If you were granted the 3 proverbial wishes what would you wish for?

GP: Don�t need them. Oh, all right. A private jet and a crib in France

Has anything ever grabbed your attention and made you absolutely speechless when you looked at it?

GP: The Grand Canyon, the skyline of Fez and Paris

Where was the strangest place that you got stoned?

GP: The Marquis De Sade�s castle in Provence

(Author�s note: and you say the fuzzy cuffs would offend him! Phfft)

How do you develop you stand-up routines and how much input does Jennifer have in them?

GP: Hard work, trial and error and a lot.

How do you like your Cosmos? Can I buy you a cappuccino if I ever meet you?

GP: Hot, Black and infinite. Are you hitting on me?

(Author�s note�Greg is a perceptive boy�only imagine if he read the posts)

What�s your guilty pleasure?

GP: The movie Point Break

What makes you cry?
GP: Rigged elections.

(Author�s note�it makes us all cry�and fear for our lives actually)

Everyone seems to have a recommendation on a book these days, what would you recommend? Also have you seen or read any of Michael Moore�s work, if so what�s your opinion of it?

GP: I dig Michael Moore. I would recommend Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

What are the ups and downs of traveling so much?

GP: You get tired a lot. There really are no downs. I love travel.

What would a prefect day for you entail?

GP: I get a lot of them. I�m lucky

A perfect sunrise or a perfect sunset?

GP: Sunset.

I had to listen to Tom Leher on the sly; my parents didn�t allow me to hear his records as yours did. We need him these dark days. How has Tom inspired you?

GP: With his darkness and keen perception

You said on Talk Proops� erm Talk Soup �I love my clothes but I don�t name them.� Plus you had a very eclectic wardrobe on the British version of Whose Line is it Anyway�any favorites amongst those shirts? And do you still have the infamous skull shirt? (I think there might be a queue of people here that might want to borrow it)

GP: I still have the skull shirt and wear it every once in a while. The cow vest is gone as is the NIN shirt and the purple coat. I also gave away the Versace vest.

(Author�s note: He gave away a Versace!! I�m going after him with a nightstick! )

It is a joy watching you and the great Mike McShane work together. How�s he doing? Now that Axis is done would you like to work on any other projects together?

GP: Mike who?

What was the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you on stage, and in real life?

GP: Are you kidding? I�m on TV getting older. Isn�t that bad enough?

What do you want more than anything for Christmas?

GP: More Christmas

So there you have the strange snarky answers from Mr. Proops. He never ceases to amaze with his views, and he always has something to say about W. From my reading of the answers and getting them back together with the questions, I�ve found I�ve learned a bit more about Greg.

Greg is a complicated creature. When he finds something that he doesn�t particularly want to answer he�ll be vague or snide. There are a few things I�ve determined about Greg�s character after reading all of his answers..

1. Greg would be a great person to get trashed with.
2. An argument with him would be fun, frustrating and would end with one or both of us dead
3. Greg is probably just as pervy and gutter minded as the rest of the kittens..Bless him.
4. Greg can�t type. If you don�t believe me, you should see the email that I received with the questions.
A blog by demand I've been told...I must tell you about the concerts I've been to...I will tell you this...every show I've been to is in the Pittsburgh area...cos this girl...does not travel to concerts...

Now where shall I start?

Let's see...the very first concerts that I ever attended were the Monkees...during the 20th Anniversary tour..both shows were at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh...I was in junior high at the time..if I'm correct cos this would be 86 or 87...but I've since seen the monkee about 2 or 3 more times.. Let me tell you this though...They are really the original boy band...but these matter how old they are, are talented...No one can ever say that there singing wasn't their own...even though they didn't play their own instruments at the time...In their fifties..these guys still sound much the same as they did back in the 60's...which makes for a great show...and well Davy Jones is still the cutest little man...I just love him..

The best part of a Monkees concert is the humor...these guys make the shows fun and funny...and well you'll see every age at a concert...I saw them last the ribfest in was a free concert and my friends and I were right up against the stage...It was fantastic...and all the women still swoon when Davy sings Daydream Believer...they are a band well worth seeing..

Let's move on from there though...the next concert I went to would have been Eric Clapton...In my younger you can tell I was heavily into the music from the 60's and 70's...can you believe that? Again...this concert was at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena...our seats were in peanut heaven...but that didn't matter any at all...Eric Clapton is a fantastic performer..and this was when he was still being a kick ass guitarist...and not playing the unplugged crap that mtv made popular a few years later...I think I would have freaked if he had done Layla acoustic at that show...The only disappointment was Eric had an opening act of Buckwheat Zydeco at the show..and was awful...Dammit...Legends should not have bands open for them...EVER

Next on my the songwriting god himself..PAUL MCCARTNEY. This was true luck on my part now that I think of it...I saw Paul on one of his 2 nights in Pittsburgh...The Civic Arena..for the tour for Flowers in the Dirt...the album that Elvis Costello did some writing on...I was in tenth grade at the time..and it was truly the highlight of my see a Beatle perform..The show was incredible..with Paul doing his usual mixture of Beatles classics and highlights from his new record..and from his Wings career..I remember squealing in delight when he did the song "This One" off Flowers in the Dirt...Which to this day is one of my favorite ballads ...It's terrible not being able to recall much about shows..but hey this was..13 years don't expect much...

I think next in line would be...Def Leppard...and again this is at the Civic Arena..I dragged an ex-boyfriend off to this concert..because..well I love the Leps always have..and they are another band that never...and I do mean never disappoints..If you like the will love them in concert..Joe Elliot just has a stage prescence like no other..The shows are fun..and they always energetic. This band always gives you your money's worth...I saw them again on their Adrenilize 2000. I rank their concerts as some of the best I've ever seen...

If I'm correct the next show I saw was Tom Petty...I can't really determine if this show was before or after the Def Leppard show..and I can't find my t-shirt with the dates on it...but this was at the AJ Palumbo center...aka Duquesne University's gym...or as I like to call it..the worst venue an artist can play in Pittsburgh. This was the Full Moon Fever tour that I saw...and it was a disappointment to me..cos at the time..I was a rather huge Petty fan...and I thought my seats were close..only to find out they were awful when we got there...The Replacements opened for them...which was great now that I look back on it...only at the time..I wasn't completely familiar with their music. The heartbreakers did put on a fantastic show...and I don't regret for a moment going...

Let's see the next band I went to see was Duran Duran...I've seen them twice...both times great seats..and both times..I have to say..the concerts while energetic..and great sounding...were something I didn't want to repeat...yet I did 2000 when they played IC Light..For a band that's based on synth pop...Duran a killer live show..They know what the fans want to hear..and they play it..Unfortunately the venues..don't appreciate cameras and what not..and that's just sad...The first Duran show I saw was in 93 and the Cranberries...were the opening act...(allow me to gag please...they are still lingering to this day...pun intended) That in itself could ruin a concert goers experience..but Duran more than made up for it...

If you asked me what some of my fav concerts were...I'd say the Costello show I saw this year at the Palumbo...which as I've said before kicked some major ass..and since I met the man afterwards it was truly memorable...but that aside...3 shows stick out..and they were all in small clubs...Metropol and Rosebud...sister clubs in the Strip District of Pittsburgh...Who were they?

Love and Rockets with James Hall opening...(met James afterwards..he was a sweetie)
Cheap Trick...Caught Rick Nielson's guitar pick!!! Wish I could have caught Robin Zander...god he's a sexy one..
The Devlins...An Irish band that was opening for Paula (I don't shave my pits) Cole...who skipped out on Pittsburgh to play SNL...the guys had nothing better to they played a 5 dollar show at Rosebud..that kicked some serious ass!

The saddest concert experience...Bowie/Nin in the time around Outside...He played Star Lake before the album release..and did mostly songs from the new cd..which no one had heard...As Elvis Costello's hard to fall in love with a song you've never heard from the 90th row..NIN rocked..but most of the audience was there for them...and they left after NIN finished...what ignorant stupid miss out on hearing a legend perform...

Other oddities in my concert going ....The Great Rewind...with Culture Club..Howard Jones..and the Human League...I was in heaven at that show...3 of my favorite 80's bands all in one place..Not a bad set was played....Howard Jones is as good today as he ever was...Phil Oakey still has that fabulous voice..and Boy George..well what can you say about the Boy? He does a mean version of Bowie's Starman!

I've also had the opportunity to see Cher...which was something not to be's like being in Vegas...And her opener...Cyndi Lauper!! How kick ass is that...And Cyndi is just flipping was great to hear the old stuff live...cos I never thought I'd see her...The shining moment to Cher's set..Dove L'more...and it was such fun..cos there wasn't a straight man in the audience! LOL!

Guilty Pleasures...

2 Poison concerts...they are just a fun band...and Phil Collins...way back in 89 or 90 as well...

Cultural Stimuli...

The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber Shows...both times with Michael Crawford...that man has a voice of an angel...and a spectacular stage didn't even need the scenery when he sang Music of the Night....

Now I need to listen to Phantom

Friday, January 10, 2003

The wandering mind of a Proopslut..and a Mac-Manluster

Ah...I'm so out of it..that I have take a breather from writing for a day or so. It's becoming to I'm taking the next day or so off of writing...Simply cos I can't open the darn works documents without heaving a huge sigh...It just feels like I have to write the fun has gone from it...meaning..I need a break

So what I'm doing relaxing and listening to my many many I can clear my mind...and actually be able to write in one or both of the stories on Sunday.

What my mind has been wandering too lately is mix cds..Ever since discovering that art of the mix site I've been wanting to come up with some new cds...With all the music I have you would think that it would be so easy...but NOOOOOO! I can never decide what I want to listen to.

David Bowie has actually been in the running for most likely to have his own mix cd..That's partially because I really want to watch my damn dvd..but the dvd player has given up the least partially...and won't let me play that stupid dvd. I really love the song from Underground..and anything from Black Tie White Noise right just wonderful in my book...

The other person who has crept into my cd player is Paul McCartney. I got a few demo boots of his...for the album Tug of War and Press to Play...When Tug of War first came the early 80's I adored the song Ballroom's so silly..and I have to say it still amuses does the song Press from the obvious album..

Also as usual I have desires to do Elvis Costello compilations...and I really need to get the song Party Girl out of my head! That happens with me though..I'll get a song in my head..and it just won't go away..Party Girl has stuck since it was played on most of the 2nd leg of the tour...That and it has some kick ass lyrics...

Here's a sampling...

Oh you'll never be the guilty party girl
Maybe someday we can go hiding from this world
Maybe I'll never get over the change in style
But I don't want to lock you up and say you're mine
Don't want to lose you or say goodbye
I'm the guilty party and I want my slice
But I know you've got me and I'm in a grip-like vise.

Oh dammit..I think my mind just got away..I'll return as soon as I find it

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Getting to Know Greg Questions

Well cos I know all of you have been wondering...I got the email with the responses from Greg in my email today! I'm very excited about this. I plan on compiling them into an article for you guys...which I will post here...and at my Land of Ocelots Yahoo Group..

I was rather surprised to see that email in my box today..surprised yet happy...It's always nice when something you work on for awhile is completed.

I have read through his answers...and I have to say..he made me almost choke on my can of least once...I adore this man...and As far as his taste in music is concerned...he's kicked himself up a notch in my book on a few accounts! Which means I could probably not want to kill him in a conversation about music...And we all know how much I love to argue about music!!

All I can say is that it was worth the wait..and it will definitely give you all a well deserved giggle when I can post them.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Music Whoring again..

Ah...a moment to discuss one of the only things that bring me joy! Yes..Music...what soothes the savage music whore..Right now there are several things that soothe my tired mind...

Elvis Costello..he can sing just about anything..but the live versions of Party Girl from the 2002 tour really make me do his version of The Judgement....I'll stand with him in the court of love anyday...even if it is near Denny's...

Erasure....Tell it To Me...a b-side from the new single Solsbury Hill..It kicks major ass...and is one of the few songs that I can put in the music match player from hell..and play over and over and over again....

Bryan Ferry...Well I adore the Avalon cd by Roxy Music...which I recommend to anyone...but as you can see from my old wish list..there's the cd he put out this year called Frantic..which has the most glorious song...Goddess of Love..It makes you want to get a glass of wine and just lay back and relax for a few hours..

Madonna...I have always found room for madonna...lately...I've been enjoying the Evita Soundtrack...I adore the dance version of Don't Cry for me Argentina...

Oh and have you heard the new U2 song....The Hands that Built America....I'm always taken aback by U2...they are one band..that rarely disappoints..that and I adore Bono
The Whose Line Whore...needs a Greg fix

Where is my darling Greggie when I need him? I'm so sick of seeing the same 10 epis of Whose Line on ABCFam. It's downright disgusting. Surely they own the rights to more than just a season or two of episodes? I just need to see a nonobnoxious episode of Whose Line..

Hmmm that might be impossible since I can't watch the British epis anymore... For some reason I don't get nearly as much enjoyment out of the American version..could be from the lack of rotation of the player...A girl can get sick of looking at Wayne Brady...and the like..over and over again...On the British epis..there was more variety..and the shows were definitely funnier..

Ah's not as if I can change anything..I'm not likely to see alot of Greggie goodness..unless of course he decides to show up on my doorstep...He can of course..there is an open invitation for him at all times...And if he wants to employ me as his shoe licker...I'm game if the salary is right...Hell if it's not get out of the freakish ...hellish job I have...I'd go!

What I'd really enjoy right well...for the phones to die at my job...for all the systems to be down...and to amble on..but that's not likely to happen...I could not get that lucky...

On a happy concubine Elvis is up for 3 Grammy awards..of which I allow him to win two...because in one category..he's up against David Bowie...and I think he deserves an award as well...Must be fair right?

The really interesting thing is..he's got 2 albums up for Grammies..When I Was Cruel...and Cruel Smile...This is definitely proof that the music world does have some taste...

To which case....the music whore....bows to his infinite talent..and goes off to work on her story...

Friday, January 03, 2003

Music Whoring Again

Before I update my vampire story for your enjoyment, I feel the need to discuss music... I now have a new website that I have to visit, thanks to Java's latest entry in her diary... The website is called The Art of the Mix.

For any of you that make mix have to understand the time effort and pure love..that goes into making these tapes...My Elfman Compilations took a year of my life. They are now perfect...and I adore them...I've received a few Costello Mix Tapes..which were done beautifully, especially since the one has a theme to it....

I used to make tons of tapes that had themes...but for some reason it's not as easy when it comes to cd..It's horrible I tend to listen to more of the same artist now when I'm driving...Essentially what I'm saying is...I'm overdosing on Costello...Elfman...Erasure..I have made a lovely mix though of some new-ish dance pop music..essentially because I'm in love with the new Erasure b-side Tell It to Me. This is the first song I've fallen in love with so much that I could actually listen to over and over again....and again...ok..well that and Elvis Costello's St. Stephen's Day Murders..That is the best damn holiday song I've ever heard in my life!!

I think I'd like to do a bitter and jaded Costello mix...for the fact that I'm falling in love with the song When I Was Cruel #1. That man has a way with words like no other. I hold to my point that there is a Costello song for every I find there is an Elfman song as well..and that's kind of odd...since Mr. Costello's catalog is far more extensive....

Now if only I could get around to making another cd or two of my own...but I have those many concert cds I have to burn this weekend...the plus is...four of the 24 are done!! woo hoo!! or as The Gimpster would say.... Wootness...

Wish me luck oh dear readers..wish me luck