Saturday, November 30, 2002

Things are changing. Times are changing

Well I'm sure since the last time you visited this blog, many things have changed. This is what happens when I grow restless and bored. Thanks to Linds, I was becoming dissatified with my plain old blog. So off I went to the blogskins site she directed me too. I fell in love with this I figured I'd give it a try...There's still much to do to make the blog completely functional. Like getting my archives working properly...God knows if that will ever happen...

But anyway..I thought this new background suited me...The tag board has been abandoned in favor of a weather pixie I'm unsure of...and then I have to get my links and archives sorted...but I'm hoping the end results will be nice..cos i really like this format...

Until the next time kidlets....

Thursday, November 28, 2002

My Tribute to George Harrison...which is also located at my Living In the 80's Obliviion Yahoo Group

What can I say about this man..It'll will be a year since his passing
tomorrow...I find myself finally able to listen to his music again.
The Beatles were a strong influence on me growing up. In fact the 2
bands I listened to the most in grade school were the Monkees and the

The Monkees were the first concert I attended..then Eric Clapton and
Paul you can see how far my taste in music reaches..

Well the other night I found myself watching the interview with
Olivia Harrison on the telly...and it was then that I realized that
George was a normal man...just like anyone else...More a normal man
than he was a Beatle...And more than that he was a man deeply touched
by spirituality...

It still saddens me to think that he's gone, that after
Brainwashed..there will never be anymore music from him. It also
saddens me..that other than the 2 cds with the Traveling
Wilburys...he hasn't done a record since 87's Cloud 9..which I
loved...regardless of what the critics say about it...

What I appreciate most about George's music was the fact that while
at times it can be deeply can also be
humorous...sarcastic...or even just plain romantic..]

I could recommend a list of songs that you should find and listen
to..but I would hope that it wouldn't be necessary...

I think the world isn't truly aware of what a good man George
was..and how important his contribution to music really was..

I still miss you George....
Happy the Americans...and Happy Fuck off Puritan Day! to the British

Ah's the day that we in America gorge ourself on turkey, stuffing and all kinds of other tasty things...only to regret it when we step on the scale a week later...Ah could be worse..

It's actually one of the quieter holidays in my part of the woods..The only family besides our regular 6 people is my grandmother..All the rest our with their significant others and their families..and for that I give thanks!! Yee Ha! This goes down on the books as one of the quietest holidays ever in my family...

No arguments...No food crying...It's so almost makes me think that somethings wrong...

So right now...until I decide to write some more of one of the stories..I'm going to do as Depeche Mode says...Enjoy the Silence

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Today's brought to you by the good twisted people at quizilla where I spend too much of my free time....This also means I was too lazy after work to write or burn I went and took large numbers of silly and useless quizzes.....AGAIN!!

Where Did Your Soul Originate?

brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

A Concubine's Been Set Free!!

There is only one topic that I can possibly blog about today...and that is the announcement of the divorce of Cait O'Riordan from Elvis Costello!!!

I do realize that it is very wrong of me to be basking in the knowledge that one of my main concubines is now free...but I can't help it..Elvis is a free man!!! Yeee Haaa!! That brings me insane amounts of joy!! From what I've heard as well they've been separated since Sept...which makes me sad...cos I had my mits on him in Oct...and I could have tried to put the moves on him!!!

Ah...well...must try try again....

Im really wondering what brought this on...since 15 petals was about Cait...and well...he spoke so fondly of the 15 years they were married...just seems to me as odd that they should be divorcing....but well Declan has been know to be free with his favors...Of course that wouldn't make sense either..since the divorce was supposedly freindly like...

I have to say I just really don't understand..but I also just really don't care either...cos now I can dream...about marrying him..and well ya least he's not put a damper on my know like other speccy sexy men....don't want to name names...but GREG!!!

So tonight I'll be dreaming Sweet Dreams all about Elvis!!!! A single Elvis!! A beautiful handsome wonderful SINGLE Elvis...

It can't get no gooda than this!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2002

For the moment..Today's topic is... Random Rants..and Musical Musings

First rant is the usual..I'm not getting enough Greg Proops goodness in my life..A girl can only wait so long to see her Pookie Proopsie Pie. Thankfully my friend Erin has given me a vhs of V/S goodness..mind you..I've never watched V/S before..I missed out on that show..cos it was on at times that didn't work well with my work schedule..When it was first on..I didn't even know who Greg Proops the time I got hip to him..V/S was gone... such is my luck.

On a happy of my kittens made a lovely collage and I'm now using it as the group picture over at Ocelots. So feel free to check it out..

Second rant..Friends that just don't act like friends anymore..I have this friend..who will remain nameless..but I've known her since I was in 6th grade...and she has a job which gives her alot of overtime...which I understand..but considering we've been friends for ages..and we both have email addys would think that she would send an email every now and then...NO..she wouldn't do that..

When I was having problems a month or so back..she invited me to stay for the weekend...and I agreed, needing to get away from life in general. So when she comes to pick me up..she has a friend with her..that I didn't know..and well proceeds to not care what about my feelings for the rest of the weekend...When he leaves..she calls her friend Beth...who I like..very sweet person..but again..Beth's feelings etc....take precendence over mine..and we end up in a bar...yippie skippy...I got 1 drink the whole night and a sandwich at primantis...I'm so fucking thrilled. I also got my first glimpse of the Tiki Lounge..which they wouldn't take me to...Likely cos I would have enjoyed myself there...but wait it gets better..she gets a raise..and hops a plane and takes her new boyfriend to NYC...last weekend.. she can't call me and say hello..or send me an email..but if I was any of her other friends..she'd do anything...lend money..etc..suffice to say I'm pissed off at her right now.. that I've got that rant out of my system..on to the next one..

I spent half the morning sorting out the tag messenger..only for it to go!! I was so excited about this..finally got it up on my page..where everything looks all right and nice..and it's down for maintenance or summat!!! Sniff..I wanted to have a new toy!!! WAH!!!

now onto my musical musings for today..

I've found that if left alone long enough I will pull out all my unlabeled cdrs and play least once..however scary the outcome might be..So far I've listened to Duran Duran..Erasure..Oingo Boingo..Semisonic..Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney today at some point...

What do I have in the stereo right now...Elvis Costello's Unplugged...don't know yet if it's the Pluggelectric boot or Unplugged and Unshaven..a minute ago I was listening to Boingo at the Whiskey in 1980...Yup..the music whore is having mood swings today..I'm still so very tired..I was cleaning for the better part of the music is the only thing keeping me going right now..

I was buying cds and stuff again..yesterday..acquired the new matchbox twenty cd but was unable to find George Harrison's Brainwashed. I've loved George Harrison since I was a little girl...and his passing has affected me like no other celebrity..The world doesn't truly understand what they've that he's gone..

Until tomorrow ....when I will have more of Man Out of Time for You...

Thursday, November 21, 2002

It's that time to do my favorite thing!!!

Random Rants

I love when friends blow you off for the opposite's always nice to come in about 5th or 6th on your best friends list of priorities..And she can't be bothered to call or email you in over 2 weeks...and when she does call you..she lies to you. I'm going to make a mental note to buy some new friends...

The questions are almost ready for Greg..but dammit I swear some of the emails have disappeared from my drafts folder..making it uber stressful for me..and the kittens that submitted the questions..dammit where do they go!!

Why is it when you make a special trip to a store for something it's never there. I went to Best Buy for the new Costello reissues and I had to order them from the website..cos the damn shipment was late!!

Oh and why is it when you 5 minutes left in your shift that the last call of the day takes 20 minutes and is so confusing that the issues that you were about to work on...can't get completed cos your brain is like mush?

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Random Thoughts About Music start with I've actually made some cd purchases this week. That's something I haven't done in quite awhile. Not because I spend time downloading or anything of that nature..but because I had no money until this past Friday!

These are the 3 cds I bought yesterday.

1. Alison Moyet - Hometime (this has been out for ages and I've never gotten around to buying it, and I adore Alf's voice)
2. Phil Collins - Testify (I don't know why..I've always enjoyed the pillsbury doughboy's music..I'm sick I know)
3. Julia Fordham - Concrete Love (Another vocalist I've been a fan of for ages..this album seems to have taken uber long to get it's release in the states..)

So those are my recommendations for the week...

Plus..The following Costello Reissues...Cos you must have every cd this man has ever made...Why? Cos the Music Whore has spoken...And I know what's good for your ears.

1. Elvis Costello - Mighty Like a Rose
2. Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom
3. Elvis Costello - Armed Forces..

If you can't buy them all at once...I recommend you pick them up in this order. Imperial Bedroom, Mighty Like a Rose , Armed Forces..

Not that one is better than the other..but Imperial Bedroom is a must have for any collection..It's truly a stellar recording..and that's the cd that is home to "Man Out of Time" and "Shabby Doll"

I think each disc has a song that makes you say..Oh God I have to own this!!

The other thing...besides burning that's been on my agenda downloading the MarkyMixes of some Erasure tracks...I'm very nearly done..They are some damn good mixes of the Cowboy tracks..I plan on getting them to cd..and doing some snazzy cover art for them!

Note to self...get a life!!!

Monday, November 18, 2002

What to do when you don't have a clue what to blog about? Take a Quiz!! yee haa...I'm addicted to Quizilla..and anything similar..cos it's good for shits and giggles..

Today's Quiz: What Kind of Retro Girl are You?

Are you just bursting with fruit flavors waiting for my results...Yah right..stop lying!! But either way..I'm forcing you to look at mine..

What Type Of Retro Gal Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Take the quiz..and share the results..we all need a good laugh every now and then

Saturday, November 16, 2002


I'm not sure if my life is returning to any semblence of normalcy, but I'm hoping it is at least starting too. These past few months haven't been easy for me..and I've hardly been myself, and I'd like to thank a few of my online friends for putting up with me.

They know who they are..but I feel the need to let them know anyway...Kristen, Kristin, Brighid, Lindsey, Sam, Christina, Lesley, Erin, Karen, Lissa, KJ...oh my god..and Linda..who was really helpful when I needed it most..

that old cliche "You don't know what you've got til it's gone" is so true..Especially when it comes to your job...I don't know how I would have kept even the smallest measure of my sanity if it hadn't been for this bunch...Cos for quite awhile it felt like my whole world was collapsing..and very little good was happening to me..

In that small amount of time I've had alot of disappointments..and a few really nice things happen to me..I don't think I ever went through a period in my life that was so full of ups and downs as the past 2 months..but it's all so very true..that "you get by with a little help from your friends"

I'm really overdoing the song quotes tonight..but as you all know..the music whore in me will find a way to bring a song into every discussion..A song..or Greg Proops...but he figures into these past 2 months more than he should...and more than a little bit in the ups and downs..I've experienced...but all in all I'm glad I've been able to watch and listen to him...because he can almost always get me to laugh...Except last night..when I was exhausted from cd burning...and more than a little frazzled from working..but the sight of him on Comedy Central did keep me smiling..if not laughing...

Cos sometimes after you've seen something so many find yourself..agreeing with this Elvis Costello lyric

~You told the same joke to me too many times
I wish that someone would hit it
Just before you reach
Just before you reach
Just before you reach the punchline

But either way.I just wanted to send some cyber hugs to my online friends...and god knows I've probably missed a few..and they are going to give me hell for it too...

I'm rereading the first 11 pages of Man Out of Time..and I'm going to start working on that one for a bit...I'm also thinking of changing the title of An Innocent Man to You Want Her Too, as that seems more appropriate...

Signing out for the the strains of Sting's Every Breath You Take....

Friday, November 15, 2002


Ok..I've just noticed how many trades I have going on again....I have 30 discs going out in the next few days...Mostly Elvis Costello..and frankly I think I need a break...I so need to just step away from the puter..

On the plus trading list is going to be looking really impressive...on the brain and sanity are suffering...cos it is trading protacol to listen to the discs before sending..I swear..1 time I didn't and here I am reburning the damn and blasted Upper Darby show....I don't ever want to hear the name Upper Darby ever again...from here on in...Upper Fucking Darby will be known as the show from hell

Besides the burning being out of control..I have yet to organise these shows...and they are sitting all over my room.....and I do mean ALL OVER MY ROOM!!! I've been trying to get them put in chronological order etc...but it's making me nuts..(well more nutso) Then there will be the actual job of printing the cover art that's siting on my hard drive!! I don't think I have enough ink in my printer to handle that..

All I really want to burn is something I can listen to in my car!! I'm so sick of listening to Erasure's Cowboy..and Elvis' Blood and Chocolate..I have grown to appreciate that cd more than I ever had before...Now I'm singing Battered Old Bird in my sleep..probably a few others too...(Next Time Round being another) Maybe..just Sunday I'll be able to do just that...I really want to listen to Inch by Inch as I drive...

Sometimes you just have to burn for your own enjoyment...and not for the gain of new Costello shows...Though I'm not actually sure when that may happen...I have 36 discs to burn this weekend!!!! Kill me please and don't let me set up trades for at least another week...I think my burner needs a rest...

Really I'm going to have to do this on two Puters or I'll never finish....


(sinks into a puddle of blank cdrs)

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Why are some Elvis Costello lyrics way to true?

From the song ~This is Hell from the album Brutal Youth

It's not the torment of the flames
That finally see your flesh corrupted
It's the small humiliations that your memory piles up

There isn't a one of you that won't agree with me on this one...Don't you always remember the stupid little things that you've done in your life. All those damn things that you think about years and years later...Those are the things that give you nightmares..and pop into your mind 10 years later as you are driving to work.

Big things..well when you have done get over them faster...cos most likely they are public knowledge..therefore once you are over are over it...It's those stupid little things that grate on your mind...and make you think "How could I have been so stupid" You are constantly wondering..."How many people know I did such an idiotic thing" Big things..well you know the world knows what a fuck up you are...and eventually you come to live with it...

I'm always amazed at when those small humiliations crop up..Like I said...when driving..before bed is the worst..cos you can't sleep...during downtime at work..when you have no one to talk too...which only goes to prove...that This IS Hell....

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Ode to the Speccy Men

I'm such a whore when it comes to speccy men...Take a long look at my concubine list..How many of them wear glasses? My top three do....Greg Danny and Declan...all are well as my new found concubine Alton Brown...

but besides specs..what do all 4 of my lovelies have in common...well aside from 3 out of 4 of them being married...ARGH They are all intelligent...funny..and all quite some way or another..I haven't figured out which one is in fact my perfect geek...Though I think it's a close race between Greg Proops and Elvis Costello...

Why I like these for men..let me list my 4 boys..and why I love them.

1. Greg Proops Greg is an adorably funny guy that I fell into Proopslust with...oh about 2 or 3 years ago...Why have I not lusted after him longer? Well my two jobs really kept me away from the I had no opportunity to watch Whose Line...until early I even managed to lose out on V/S..go figure...but suffice to say..Mr. Proops' lovely face kept me sane through my bouts of unemployment and for that I thank him..and give him many hugs. But why do I really like Greg? I think when you take away the fact that I think he's the most adorable man on the planet ...with the sexiest grin around..I'd have to say...It's his sarcasm and way with words...If not for him..I wouldn't spend my day saying..."I don't fucking hardly think so..." So Greg...Thank you for that!!!

2. Elvis Costello Now here's a man I've loved on and off since 87...mostly for his music alone..His sexiness is in his music...and in his words..That's not saying that Declan isn't an extremely handsome fellow..because to ignore that would be way wrong..because Declan is way way handsome...I don't think mere words can explain why this man is on my list....

3. Danny Elfman Ok this is an easy one...Danny...not only is extremely musically talented..but he's got that lovely evil glint to him..that makes him oh so can you not love a man who wrote "Who's going down who's coming with me...who wants to take a chance on a piece of abstract reality" I want a piece of his abstract reality!! Now!!! I could go on about how lovely his film scores are..and how his music makes me extremely relaxed...but that would take ages and ages...Suffice to say..his sexy dark side....and that adorable evil glint to his eyes...just makes me melt..

4. Alton Brown Can you say a sexy man that cooks!!! I think that's enough!! He has the attractiveness of Mr. Proops as well as his wit...Lets just put it this way..if you see'll understand why I think he's just darlin...He can cook for me anytime..and then he can be the dessert!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

When All Else Fails...Take a Quiz

Ok..went back to Quizilla..thanks to Sam...and I took the quiz on my writing style...which well I don't think is quite right...I'm tempted to ask you what you think my writing style is..but most of you are too I don't want to know..either's the results...

What's YOUR Writing Style?

brought to you by Quizilla
Random acts of laziness

I was going to post more story today..but I was uberlazy this weekend..and well I burned cds and downloaded Erasure songs..and yes..I have worked on the Innocent Man story..but not enough to post it..maybe later tonight if I get the world sorted...go ahead you can laugh now..

Well I've been reading everyone's blogs..and well I'm really amazed at how many people have man problems...I have none..cos..well I have no man...Hell I haven't had a man to annoy oh geeze..never mind..the length of time is too long to consider...If Greg Proops were to present himself..nekked before me...I'd not know what to do with him..I'd have to Improvise....No...I'd pass out...true fuckingly...

Why is life not like Romance Novels or Erasure songs..?

Even in romance novels the girl is happy in the end..I just want to live out a historical novel...I want the frou frou gown that will make me look like a doll..cos I'm so short..I want carriage rides..Wait I'm going to NYC in June possibly..I can have my carriage ride then..but wait..that's with my sister..Dammit..

Ok..let me dive into the realm of the romance novel..which I'm sure all of you know by now I spend way to much time here's an interesting plot synopsis for you...

Catherine, daughter of the Earl of Ardleswyck, has had one purpose in life: to marry the son of her father's closest friend. To that end, she has been sent to the home of her father's mistress in Italy-to learn the art of seduction in total seclusion...

Ok..sounds interesting..why does this not happen in real life..and why is Greg Proops not cloned..While I'm asking the impossible..Hell screw that..why aren't Greg Proops, Danny Elfman and Elvis Costello cloned? They should be..or at least they should be sitting at my feet feeding me bon bons...and truffles..

ACK..that reminds me of my dream of last night...about Mr. Proops..for more details about the dream ...go read my Live Journal yes yes..I know I have a strange fondness for geeky men that wear buddy holly type glasses...and yes.that guy on the food network is really cute too..

My only question is..When do I get mine?

Dammit I'm not reading anymore of my friends' blogs..up until now...I was happily planning my trip to NYC...I want to be a part of it..New York New I'm depressed cos all of my friends have boyfriends..or at least people that are interested in them..

Maybe I can vent some of my frustrations on my story..take it out on my fictionalized Greg...

For those of you that don't know this... NEWSFLASH Greg Proops is my idea of the perfect man... coming in a close second....Elvis Costello...and then Danny Elfman...

Dear's after 10 o'clock..and we start nesting tomorrow at work...where are my twigs..and papers..must build a nest!!! Likely by Friday I'll have laid several eggs too.. I'm nervous can you tell?

Until tomorrow..or when I finish some more of my story....

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Erasure Goodness

Hello there...everyone..My day has been made!!! Yes..I've found 2 more tracks from Erasure's new album..Other People's Songs...on WinMx!!!!

Fingers crossed that all of them will appear shortly....But oh god!! the cover of Make Me Smile is Fantastic!!! It's an old Cockney Rebels song..that duran duran..had done..way back in 84 as the b-side to the Reflex..I do believe..

It's really the little things in life that bring me emmense joy! this is one of them...and I'm enjoying every minute of it...I haven't had this much joy from finding songs online in quite awhile..finding When I Was Cruel..back in March..was the last bit of true downloading joy!! This definitely equals that..

Ok..enough..I'll be quiet now...

Let's see if this works..I was reading my friend Tina's LiveJournal...and I got wrapped up in the here's my favorite quiz cos it has the most accurate answer to it..

Which 80's movie are you??

brought to you by Quizilla

Anyone want to play Underground now?'s the weekend..and what am I doing..sitting on the computer blogging...This is totally the exponential power..Weekend plans include begging someone to go to the Tiki Lounge with me..I miss Pittsburgh...I want to bask in the glory of the city stuck between 3 rivers...But one wants to go anywhere!!!

I'm so sick of Episodes of Deer too...This week's episode is brought to you by Twilight Hollow Road in Speers..and it stars..1 large 200 lb doe and my parents car...This deer thing is getting way old...This time my dad was driving...and not me..I think we need to get some deer away...for the know it works the same as Feline Away..(old Greg Proops joke for those of you that don't get it)

I'm anxiously awaiting my first paycheck..why? There are many many cds I want to buy...and I've not had the opportunity to get any of almost 2 months...Alison Moyet has had a cd out for ages..that I did not even know on the 19th.. Elvis Costello is reissuing 3 more of his old cds...Mighty Like a Rose, Imperial Bedroom and Armed Forces.....All three are excellent pieces of music...

Oh and I heard the new Erasure single...Solsbury Hill....Holy Shit!!! It's totally gorgeous..I've never heard anything so beautiful in my life..It was originally done by Peter Gabriel...who I have a love and hate relationship with..but I also downloaded his version of this track..and I find that I like both versions...Truly a lovely piece of work...on both sides..

Shall I tell you that even though he's gay..Andy Bell is the most adorable male on the planet....It's only that little problem of him having a boyfriend ..that keeps me from putting him at the top of my concubine list..

Andy is the darling boy on the right...the other darling little Geek is Vince..I could just cuddle him too..

Lets see if the picture whore can find you another picture of the boys..Google is not being kind to me in my searching today. Every picture seems to be attached to dead links..and dammit I found some pictures from interviews from the Loveboat cd...That depresses me...Cos I haven't seen any new pictures of Andy or ages..And Picture Whore that I am...I need this..It brings me joy!!!

Yes..I'm basking in pictures of Erasure right now..don't mind me..

Friday, November 08, 2002

Blogs Addicting and Contagious

After much study..I've determined that the use of online journals is not only addictive but contagious. A year ago I couldn't quite understand the point of this online sharing of my inner most feelings and what not...Now I can see it for what it really is...A great way to rant and rave..and piss people off...Because inevitably..someone that you don't like...reads your blog!!

This can be way fun...especially when the people involved choose to discuss your entries elsewhere on the net for shits and giggles..rather than..perhaps..using the contact button on the top of the page...No sirree that would be way to easy..and not illicit nearly enough response....

But really...for some reason..everyone I know..that has started blogging has truly become addicted...and well..friends pass on their blogs..thus making their friends want to blog...I know that's how I got started blogging..It's all Lindsey's fault...and now I've lured James into the world of blogs...

there are many ways you can use your blog..

1. for stories and fanfic...(like I do at times)
2. updates on your life etc....
3. Torture (my fav blog use)

Now I have to go and think up some suitable torture for you...Must find the whips and chains..At least I know..I have the key...Cos Greg is still chained to the bed!!!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

24 hours of Music

This post inspired by the article written by Elvis Nov's Vanity Fair.

5am Who in gods name is up at this hour? Certainly not me..but if its necessary to wake up at this ungodly need something soothing yet uplifting...Uplifting enough to drag your butt from the bed. I recommend the film score for Black done by the evertalented Danny may inspire you to snuggle up with your bed mate and perhaps catch some morning lovin....

6am..Are you done shagging yet? That's good cos you need to get your sorry ass out of bed and start your day in earnest..while still being calm enough not to disturb anyone else in the house ..cos some people aren't up yet...I reccommend Lisa Stansfield's Real Love cd..if 'Change' and 'Symptoms of Loneliness and Heartache' can't get you moving you are truely hopeless...

7am...Rush hour traffic music..For those of you unlucky bastards that have to be on the road to work...You might want to find some happy music to listen too. 7am is entirely too early for road rage..Happy music is often hard to come by..without bringing nausea into the equation. Erasure is the only hope for the hour long commute...I reccommend the Cowboy cd..very bouncy and happy..and guaranteed to get you up and peppy...

8am..Breakfast time for those house dwellers...So as you guys make your way to the table for your coffee slip U2s Joshua Tree in the player...'Where the Streets Have No Name' and 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' are some lovely songs to ease you into your routine...and in my case..where are my car keys anyway?

9am Ok..move away from morning talk shows..they will rot your brain. It's time to do some house work. Mr. Costello suggests some Hoover Dancing to Madonna's Ray of Light cd..but for me..that's just not good cleaning music...A few to many thoughtful techno Maddy moments I would say..break out the Hoover and dance to Cher's Believe cd..much more amusing..and you can really dance and dust to everything on that cd...The house will be spic an span in no time...

10am..Time to pay some bills...and what better way to kiss goodbye to your hard earned cash then to break out Matchbox Twenty's Mad Season cd...Sing If You're Gone to all your hard earned money..It helps that Bent is a good get you singing..and while your singing you'll forget you are broke now!!!

11am The Whose Line on the east coast..So my suggestion will be something that won't distract you from the lovely Improvers on the telly...So if you are viewing Whose Line..I would suggest having Andrew Lloyd Webber's Variations playing in the background...Great music...would be interesting to see Mr. Proops and co. try to do some improvisational dance to that one.

Noon...Time for Lunch!!! or a wake up call for any lazy people that can't seem to haul ass in the morning!!! This is the perfect time to get out some fun obnoxious music...Like Def Leppard's Hysteria..It's time to Pour Some Sugar on Me...or perhaps just in your tea...then you can get...Animal..and wreck havoc..with Armeggedon It..a fun filled hour I have to say...

1pm lunch is over we are now moving slowly into the afternoon and what a better way to slide into the afternoon than with some exercises..and to get us in the mood..there is only one cd you can play..Olivia Newton John's Physical..It'll take you from the warm up to the cool down...and everywhere else....Let's get Physical...physical!!!

2pm Declan seems to think that the 2 o'clock hour is chill out gotta throw it in there at some point...right? So 2pm is it..a few possibilities here if you really want to get lost from the cares of the world...Mussorgsky's Pictures at an exhibition..If that doesn't relax you..another Elfscore might..I rather enjoy the score for A Simple Plan...or the New Age album Songs of Sanctuary by'll be so chilled out'll have drool down your chin.

3pm Wipe the drool from your chin..It's time to come back into the real world again...I don't care what anyone says you can only drool on yourself for one hour at a come back into reality with some Cheap Trick. Nothing can drag you back to the world as much as Rick Nielson's guitars..Surrender...Surrender..but don't give yourself away...It's all all right..It's all all right...

4pm The work day is winding down...for some..But by're thinking of nothing but getting the hell out of what better way to get ready for clocking out than some angst-ridden Elvis Costello..Yes..I'm thinking you should try My Aim Is True..If the working week doesn't welcome least you know that it's all Less than Zero...

5pm Road rage and the ride home!!! Before you try to run over the guy in front of you that refuses to move when the light turns green..I suggest you put some Boingo in the cd player in your car....the 94 Boingo cd works just fine for getting rid of road rage..turn the volume way up..and play Insanity! If that doesn't scare the fuck out of the guy in the next car I don't know what will...and can pass him and get home faster!!!

6pm time to get ready for your evening..perhaps it's just a night at home..perhaps it a night out...but either way..put on some Duran Duran...for a night out...try'll get you ready to dance the night away....if your sticking it out at home..I'd put on Big Thing..and chill to Palomino and Land...after all the night is young.... you've decided to leave the house...Good on you kidlet! You've acquired a life...but until you get to the club or bar of need to set the mood..In your car...For the club kid in you..I suggest you pull out Depeche Mode's Violator CD or if you prefer your music to be a trifle more interesting try David Bowie's cd Outside...Heart's Filthy Lesson will definitely get you moving..and so will Halo Spaceboy!

8pm..Are you travelling from club to club? Hell who isn't if it's Friday or Saturday..If this is what you are definitley don't want to lose your club buzz...Too keep yourself energised slip the Pet Shop Boys Very into the cd player...This will definitely keep you pumping til you get to the next club or bar...

9pm..Ok..providing you don't have a bedmate waiting for you at home you might be looking for someone to decorate your arm and your bed ...Well now you better get yourself into the mood to be romantic...I suggest Sting's Brand New Day get yourself in a mood for love...Desert Rose usually does that for me..

10pm..Ah..I see you've not had any luck..and it's only're calling it a night and heading home..You are such a wus!! Settle back into your apartment with some lovely music from the musical Phantom of the Opera...this will work nicely since you don't have a snuggle bunny...but if you do make them listen anyway...because for Music of the Night will be worth it..

11pm..You have a bottle of wine out..and your drinking it down..maybe alone..maybe not..I'm not a voyeur..I'm not there with you..You've got the warm fuzzies now..and life can't be better...slip some Basia into the cd player London Warsaw New a good choice..or even Brave New Hope...If that doesn't set a comfortable mood with her jazzy vocals..I'd go for Julia Fordham's Porcelain cd..Nice mood enhancing music..

Midnight..That Day is Done...and perhaps you want to hear that particuliar song...So slip Flowers in the Dirt by Paul McCartney in your cd player...If your snuggle bunny is with you make sure you play 'This One' at least once..for a giggle listen to Paul and Elvis Costello duet on You Want Her Too

1am ...I'm tired I don't know about you...These all nighters can be tiresome without intervenous caffeine injections...As you start to wind down..find Sarah Brightman's cd Dive...maybe the kinky lyrics..of The Second Element will inspire you...or the person with you..If not relax to the lovely Captain won't disappoint...

2am.Why are we still ask yourself...Because we've committed ourselves to listening to 24 hours of music...and we now need to be committed..There's no more romance to be found..and you are starting to be giddy from lack of sleep..there is only one kind of music that will keep you up..a little bit of techno..or techno/pop..The Shamen are a good choice..Axis my favorite..Destination Eshaton will give you a small burst of energy to last 2 more hours...

3am...Michael Ball has slipped into the cd player and he's crooning some lovely theatre songs..Easy Terms from Blood Brothers..sticks in your mind as does the wonderful Love Changes Everything. You start to wonder why you don't go to the theatre much anymore...Ah...that depresses you...

4am..At last 24 hours are passing your eyes are closing..yet your stereo plays are lulled into sleep by the lovely strains of the film score to Edward fight the urge to sleep..but there is nothing you can drift off to dreams of Ice Sculptures and Avon ladies...

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Stupid Quizzes

Oh dear

I have a quiz to study for..and I haven't cracked my notes yet...must get on it..after whose line. The Rocky Horror Epi is on!! Yee haa that brings this little kitten some joy! I haven't seen a Greg epi in ages....and we are so lucky..two of them tonight

Stupid Quiz... this kinda stuff makes me exceedingly nervous...We've had 2 so far..and I've got 100% on both..This time she only gave us 9 of the 10 questions... I've never really enjoyed taking tests...they make me crazy..well crazier...

I promise you guys more story tomorrow..I have an idea I'm working on..but cd burning and studying has taken it's toll on my writing..but I shall be of tonight..yee haa..

I'm hoping to put another fun or at my live journal..too...cos I like making lindsey jealous of my surveys!!

Peace out Kidlets..
A Lyrical Survey

I'd have more story for you..but alas I was burning Costello shows..and lost track of time...So you'll have to reread..the last entries..

Here's a kewl survey..this will make Lindsey jealous..though I think I've done this one at The Brothers Elfman before..

SURVEY: Answer each question using lyrics from a certain band.

1. Are you male or female?
Girls talk and they want to know how
Girls talk and they say it's not allowed
Girls talk, if they say that it's so
Don't you think that I know by now Girls Talk ~from the album 10 Bloody Marys and 10 How's Your Fathers by Elvis Costello

2. Describe yourself.
Sulky girl
I'm sure you look a picture when you cry
Threatening the silent treatment doesn't qualify
It's like money in the bank
Your expression is blank
But while the chance appears
You'll be nearer to tears
Sulky girl Sullky Girl ~from the album Brutal Youth by Elvis Costello

3. How do they feel about you?
All grown up
And you don't care anymore
And you hate all the people that you used to adore
And you despise all the rumors and lies of the life you led before All Grown Up ~ from the album Mighty Like a Rose by Elvis Costello

4. How do you feel about yourself?
Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being Lipstick Vogue ~ from the album This Year's Model by Elvis Costello

5. How do you feel about life?
I wanna bite the hand that feeds me.
I wanna bite that hand so badly.
I want to make them wish they'd never seen me Radio Radio ~ from the album This Year's Model by Elvis Costello

6. What would you rather be doing?
Don't move a muscle baby
Don't even flinch
You can miss me by a mile
Or just inch by inch Inch by Inch ~ from the album Goodbye Cruel World by Elvis Costello
> 7. Describe where you live.
Home isn't where it used to be
Home is anywhere you hang your head Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head ~ from the album Blood and Chocolate by Elvis Costello

> 8. Describe how you feel about the person you love.
They say they're going to bury you
Because you're so lovable
Put your money where your mouth was
You're so lovable
Each tender mumble brings us closer to bedlam
You're so lovable
The toast of the town and the talk of the bedroom
You're so lovable Lovable ~ from the album King of America by Elvis Costello

9. Describe how you love.

She's going to make you suffer tonight
To turn you from a playboy into a man
And when you're worthy of her then she might
Turn you from a playboy into a man Playboy to a Man ~ from the album Mighty Like a Rose by Elvis Costello

> 10. Share a few words of wisdom.
Love is always scarpering or cowering or fawning
You drink yourself insensitive and hate yourself in the morning Man Out of Time ~ from the album Imperial Bedroom by Elvis Costello

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Oh dear..I think my story has killed one of our readers!! Poppie!! are you alive..have you died laughing? Oh geeze I better get the flowers ready..Just in case...


I guess I shouldn't post the sequel..I don't want my readers dropping off like flies..

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Short Duran Duran Fanfic

Ok..I thought I'd take this story from my website and share it with you... This one is going out to Poppie..I'm going to see if I can make her die laughing...which I can imagine is the second best way to die..First best way..well..that's easy..and it would recquire either Greg Proops or Elvis Costello to be there...and naked...

So here's a story I wrote in my first year of college and in the height of my duran duran fandom (cos I picked up on they were sinking)
Mtv Mind Control
the Adventures of Captain Big Thing and Boy Simon


It was a quiet day in a small English town. The suburbanites sat sipping tea or lemonade while reading the morning paper. All seemed perfectly normal. Their paper was filled with it's usual headlines, a fire here, a robbery there. Nothing that would shock anyone or cause a major stir.
In other words, this day, August 23, 1993, was destined to be boring, or so they thought.

As the day rolled on. . .

One by one the teenagers awoke. It was too hot outside to be active. It was the kind of day that made people, young and old,lazy. Even the dogs found shady spots to sit and pant. The teenagers were apt to be restless. Books would not hold their attention. So after the daily dose of morning talk shows they, one by one, switched to Mtv.

It started with the harmless video by Blind Melon. The little girl in the bumble-bee suit danced about, as the young suburbanites It started with the harmless video by Blind Melon. The little girl in the bumble-bee suit danced about, as the young suburbanites yawned. This was followed by the Spin Doctors and then Soul Asylum. By then the suburbanites were getting restless. When would they see the new Duran Duran video?

Alas after an unusually long commercial break, their living rooms were filled with the sound of Naughty by Nature's Hip Hop Hooray. Would this torture never cease?

Suddenly the station's signal scrambled. Then two women appeared on the screen. " Hi, my name's Claire" "and mine's JulieAnn. We're here to tell you that we've taken over Mtv. We'll be playing all of the videos you hate, and you'll never see another Duran Duran video. And don't think of changing the channel. We have total control over your set." With a maniacal laugh, thetwo wicked women played Whitney Houston's stomach turning rendition of "I Will Always Love You" 5 times.

The torture continued through the afternoon, as Claire and Julie Ann inflicted all of England with videos by Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and New Kids on the Block. Duranies throughout the country were becoming ill.

Video after video, none of which could make the ache the Duranies felt in their stomachs better. The pain heightened as Claire and Julie Ann appeared on the screen to remind them that they would never see another Duran Duran video.

" Hi, we're back. In the next hour you'll be seeing Expose, Color Me Badd, and Samantha Fox. And just to remind you, there will be no Duran Duran videos anytime soon."

Duranies were dropping off quickly. Without their fix of Simon, Nick, John and Warren, they had nothing to exist for. The tv had them hypnotized. As much as they wanted to, they couldn't switch the channel or move form their place in front of the tv.

In another part of England. . .

"Holy Roads, Nicky, our evil ex's have taken over Mtv, making it impossible for anyone to see our Too Much Information video"

Nick Rhodes looked over at his friend Simon. He knew the mission at hand. They would have to save all of England from the clutches of their evil ex's, if anyone was to listen to good music again

"Well this looks like a job for Captain Big Thing!!!"

Boy Simon stood pondering the words of Captain Big Thing "Should we take the Great Ship Drum?"


"Ouch, Big Thing, why'd you do that?" Boy Simon said as he rubbed his sore head. "Do you think I'd ever get into that boat with you? Nosiree, not with the way you steer!" Then Big Thing cracked Boy Simon on the head again. "That's for the stupidity of thinking we could make it to London in time to save the country, in that damn boat of yours. Now, quick to the Thing-a-ma-giga-mobile."

Off through England sped our two super heroes. Each hoped that they would make it to Mtv studios before it was too late. Monitoring the situation was not an easy task. Julie Ann and Claire had their hands on all the videos. The bad ones just kept rolling. Boy Simon sat horrified as they rolled out a block of George Michael videos, containing the video of utmost tackiness "Too Funky"

"Better put your foot down, it's getting worse" Boy Simon sputtered, turning green. With one look at the screen, Big Thing sent the Thing-a-ma-giga- mobile speeding towards London. When they arrived, out two heroes leapt form the car and ran into the studio. It was desolate. The bodies of Mtv employees were everywhere. They just lay motionless in various positions. Captain Big Thing examined a few of them. "Several of them are dead. The cause is most likely boredom. The rest seem to be in some sort of trance."

They began the search of the building, hunting high and low for the ex's. At last, they reached the main set. Quietly they walked in. The time was at hand. Duranies everywhere would be avenged, the evil ex's would be put down, and Too Much Information would be played.

As they looked to the side of the stage, they noticed Julie and Claire locked i the most passionate of embraces. Hands clasped over their mouths they ran to the rest rooms to hurl.

"Captain Big Thing, did you see that?" Boy Simon asked from the neighboring stall.


With a belch of relief and then a sigh, Captain Big Thing spoke, " I never suspected. If it were anybody else, it would be great, but with those two, gross. Won't be writing to Penthouse forum about this. But it is our duty to England to face our enemy, no matter how bad the situation.

After another flush, our heroes emerged from the stalls, looking a touch bit paler. This time they entered the set more cautiously, expecting the worst. Instead, they were greeted by a gun wielding ex-band member.

" So you think you can save England. Well think again!" A shot rang out. The bullet just missed Boy Simon, who nearly passed out from fright. " I know your secrets, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon. Wouldn't your fans love to see you in these getups!"

Andy Taylor was sent reeling by a kick of Simon's right foot. Thump! Bang! Ouch! The two men (well maybe that's to complimentary, but awe heck) continued to battle it out on the floor. Captain Big Thing put a light coat of Duran Duran Pink lipstick on (his favorite shade), as he watched with pride as his side-kicked the ass of Andy Taylor.

"Had enough?" Boy Simon asked panting.

Andy nodded. "Please, no more. All I ever wanted was for people to recognize me for my talent. But no, all they see me as is a traitor for leaving the band." At this, he burst into tears.

Captain Big Thing chuckled as they brushed past. Andy quickly grasped Big Thing's leg. "Destroy the control room and the mind control will be ruined." He laid his gun at Big Thing's feet and promptly collapsed.

"Well, that takes care of him. Good work, Boy Simon. Now we must destroy the Ex's and their evil mind control, so that Duranies everywhere can live in peace."

Julie Ann and Claire awaited them on the main set. Big Thing saw them first and whispered to Boy Simon, "Remember, your hand at the level of your eyes."

"Why" Boy Simon asked, confused.

"I don't know, I just always wanted to say that. Now be careful. These women know our weaknesses."

Slowly they crept behind the two women. Having sensed their arrival, Julie and Claire turned to face them. "At last, your here." Claire said seductively, tossing her long brown tresses over her shoulder. "Eclair, Simon?" She dangled the the pastry just within his reach.

Boy Simon's mouth was beginning to water, as he gazed at the tempting sweet. He was powerless. " Fight it, Simon! Remember the Duranies!" Big Thing called. he had his own battles to fight. Julie was showing him the latest lipstick shades straight from Chanel.

Claire was pressing the pastry to Simon's lips, when he finally broke free of her spell. He grasped the pastry from her hand and smashed it into her face "Damn waste of a good pastry." he muttered licking the remaining fragments from his fingers.

At that instant, RuPaul past through, after one look at Claire, all he/she could say was, "Super model, that's no way to work it girl! You're through!"

Claire clutched her heart and fell smack to the floor dead. Somehow this released Big Thing from the spell he was under. He looked at the bright fuschia lipstick in Julie's hand and said, " It's ugly, and so are you. Your clothes are tacky as well. I wouldn't dress my dog in those clothes. You have no style!"

Julie screeched, " I'm melting!!!"

She disappeared into a puddle at Big Thing's feet. Our heroes rushed to the control room to destroy the mind control.. Big Thing raised Andy's gun and fired. The mind control fizzled and cracked, and with a loud bang, was destroyed. Within minutes Duranies slowly began to regain consciousness.

A short time later. . .

It was after a commercial break that the Duranies caught their first glimpse of Nick and Simon in over 10 hours. "Go ahead, Simon, you say it. After all, your the lead singer." Simon smiled, that sweet sexy grin of his, "Hey tv child, look into my eyes. Here by intervention I want your attention. Here's Too Much Information, by us, Duran Duran"

And thus all returned to normal. For now

Friday, November 01, 2002

A most unusual day...for a blog..

I was going to post more story..but life interrupted me..right now..Let me begin with all the unusual things that have occurred today..where to start where to start.

1. The decided to grant me unemployment...(thanks guys..I took the first crap job I could find..cos I was scared..and now I have money coming in)

2. The people at work seem to think I look like Lois Lane in Lois and Clark...Anyone here agree..I'm not sure if I should be complimented or insulted...sadly enough...I've been compared to Monica Lewinsky...and Winona times..even Pheobe Cates..but certainly not Lois Lane...I'm so confuzzled...

3. Sent my mom off to the ER...she was having chest pains...and thankfully it wasn't her heart...(small miracles) But they are keeping her overnight for observation..she had something not normal in her pancreas...I always knew my mother wasn't normal...LoL..but I love my mum...

So yes...all in all..I've had a crappy Friday..Hopefully tomorrow is better..all I want to sleep and listen to my new Costello bootlegs...I need all the joy and relaxation I can get...If things get back to normal..there will be more story tomorrow sometime..but I'm not making any promises...