Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Shit Happens

~ I have to go for some tests at the girlie doctor on Friday. ARGH! I like my doctor, but I hate the test I have to have done. It makes me nervous and is not exactly comfortable.

~ My car needs to get inspected this month and I have no idea when I'm going to get it to the garage to do that. 10:1 I'll need brakes, because I really don't have the money for repairs this month.

~ Where in the hell is my tax refund!! I want it now!

~ Speaking of taxes the first set of property taxes are due this month...double ARGH!

~ Why is it that my tax refund = the amount of taxes I pay on the house I don't live in?

~ All I want is a new stinking iPod, but I'm not getting one any time soon.

~ Gordon Lightfoot is coming to Greensburg in May. Yet another concert I can't go to. PAH!


Mike said...

'tax refund = the amount of taxes'

Here's an idea. Under pay your taxes so you owe money. Maybe the county will give you money BACK!!