Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not So Deep Thoughts

~ The NFL is whacked! Hines Ward forced into retirement by the Steelers (Boo Hiss) Tebow is likely to be let go because the Broncos want to sign Manning. WTF! Are these teams NUTS?

~ It took 2 hours to get my car an oil change and inspection..now I have to buy 4 tires. It did pass though, so Woot!

~ Saw the calorie count on my iced caramel mocha from McDonald's and now I'm a sad bunny. It is good though, so it may be worth those 300 calories.

~ Life is made better with beer.

~ Instrumental music does two things: soothes the savage beast and puts you to sleep...in that order.

~ Janet Evanovich's books always make me laugh! And we all need more laughs.

~ When all else fails, eat Chinese food


Janelle said...

My inspection took forever, too--especially when they decided the tires needed rotated and didn't care that I had other things to do that day.