Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Making A List

I'm not sure I'll be checking it twice, but I probably should. It is time for the Christmas To-Do List from hell to take shape.

1. Clean living room so that the tree can be assembled.
2. Assemble and decorate said tree.
3. Get over the tree envy I'm feeling about a certain Priest's absolutely incredible tree!!!
4. Work on a grocery list for holiday.
5. Decide which cookies are going to be made and what items will be on the table for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner.
6. Burn the Christmas Mix CD.
7. Buy presents..though this year it will be slim pickin's
8. Buy wine...lots of wine.
9. Remember that it is not polite to kill people.
10. Enjoy the holiday


Mike said...

11. Go to Mike's house. Clean garage and basement.