Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stop Telling Me How To Live My Life

I am so sick of celebrities telling us how to have a wonderful, healthy life.

I saw Kate Hudson the other day promoting this book.

I think most women wouldn't mind looking like Kate, who for those not in the know, is Goldie Hawn's daughter. If you don't know who Goldie is...well then I feel very old.

But back to the case in point, she's telling us how to get moving, but as she does it she says one little thing that sets her apart.

She was athletic from the time she was a little girl.

That my dear Kate is why you are a skinny little thing. What about those of us that aren't? I haven't an athletic bone in my body. I can't dance and exercise is just not fun.

Healthy ways to love my body?

It would be nice if these women that can afford trainers and instructors and stylists could grasp the fact that most of us just can't sit back and meditate and run a couple of miles or even get to the gym and that compiled with the stresses of day to day life make it damn difficult to love our bodies, let alone do anything healthy.

Damn it, I  want to find ways to get dinner on the table in about 30 minutes, without consulting Rachael Ray, who makes an awful lot of hamburgers and pasta.

I am sick of actors and actresses selling their brand of snake oil.

On that note, why can't reading burn butt tons of calories?


Mike said...

"...and exercise is just not fun."

Now there's an understatement.

Diane said...

What you said! This bugs me as well. Oprah now hawking Weight Watchers because she owns a stake in it - hell, she may own all of it! Here's my thing - with all the money these people have, they should NEVER be out of shape! If I had a personal chef and trainers, I wouldn't have a worry in the world. I would never buy any of these kinds of books - they don't live in our real world!

Bilbo said...

If reading burned calories, I wouldn't cast a shadow.