Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are You Entitled?

Yes, I'm back to politics again.

Entitlements is a word that comes up a lot.

Its funny, but we do live in a society that feels like it is entitled to certain things.

I do believe that people are entitled to certain things, food, CLEAN WATER (I'm looking at you Flint, Michigan) and yes, health care oh and since those of us that work paid into it...our Social Security. That's not an entitlement though, we paid into it, we should get it. If they want to take it away, every citizen that works should get EVERY CENT we put into it back. I also lean towards the belief that people are entitled to an education and that education should not put the person in debt until they are ready to retire, but hey that's me.

But we are also changing as a society. We now think that everyone should have a smart phone, even when you can't afford one or the service that goes along with it. We feel we are entitled to vacations, and by that I mean traveling someplace, not just a few days off in the year. (After said vacation, the people will then bitch about not having enough money to pay their bills)

Most of us work hard for checks and we live paycheck to paycheck, but that doesn't mean that we deserve to go somewhere when you can't afford to or have something we can't afford in the long run.

We have so much now, but we've lost a lot of our sense of responsibility. Its too much gimmie gimmie gimmie, and that starts with children too.

I understand wanting something better for your children and your children's children, but there's a time when everyone needs to put on their big girl/boy pants and own up to their own situations.

I screwed up financially when I was younger. Big time. It took about 7 years to dig my way out of it. I learned the hard way. I had to say no to myself, and let's face it, yourself is the hardest person to say no to sometimes.

And on that note...and this totally disjointed post...there is very little we are really entitled to, without working for it, or trying to work for it.


Bilbo said...

Now you've got me started ... I'll have to do a rant post on the whole "entitlements" thing next week (tomorrow through Monday are already planned)so that I an enrage my die-hard conservative friends.

here said...

You know, sometimes I catch myself on a mind that I want to escape from modern society. Just imagine what an interesting and calm life it could be!

Diane said...