Sunday, February 21, 2016

Classic TV Is The Best

I have to say I'm getting old.

I find myself watching MeTV and Antenna TV all the time.

I think I watch shows like Newhart, MASH, Mama's Family, and Bewitched more than I do new tv. I think maybe its because new tv just isn't funny anymore.

I used to love The Big Bang Theory. Maybe it is because the show has been on forever, but I really don't get as many laughs anymore. 2 Broke Girls is just ridiculous. Mom tends to get depressing.

I like the Wednesday lineup with The Middle and The Goldbergs and to a lesser extent, Blackish. Modern Family is getting old for me too.

As for new shows, Superstore is actually a hoot.

But so few of these hold up to the classics.

Heck, I find myself enjoying The Partridge Family, when they play them after The Monkees.

Ah The Monkees, I have a huge rant there. That show could have gone for a long time, if they had writers worth their weight in salt, which they obviously didn't. The guys had talent and were all passably decent actors. They should have written a real show, rather than the nonsense that they did.

The second series had some stellar episodes, like The Devil and Peter Tork and The Christmas Episode oh and The Frodis Caper.

The producers should be ashamed that this show was as ridiculous as it was. (Funny but ridiculous)

I want good tv.

Oh and thanks to Decades, I want to see more of Love, American Style.