Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Politics Makes Me Crazy

This election cycle proves to me how crazy America is. Last night's New Hampshire primary shows that the two parties are polar opposites now and there's no middle ground to be found, which means our govt is pretty much ineffective.

On one hand we have Bernie Sanders, whose ideas I like, even though there's no way most will come to pass.  On the other hand we have Donald Trump, who says what he thinks and most of his ideas won't come to pass either.

I'm less afraid of Sanders than I am of Trump and Cruz and Rubio..those are like the terror triplets of the GOP. I actually kind of like Kasich from Ohio, because he doesn't seem as bat shit insane as the rest of that party. I do wish they would all learn that the USA is a nation that was supposed to have been built on religious freedom.  God needs to stay in churches and out of our government. Oh and FYI, I have nothing against God, just people that use him to further their ideals even when they kind of go against most of what they profess to believe. Yeah dudes, Jesus would be a bleeding heart that book...m'kay.

But I want to talk about Bernie's ideas. Free College...can't happen, but something should be done to change the fact that most people attending college will be paying for it until they retire. Its the reason why there will be fewer and fewer small practices for doctors and dentists as years go by, and more of those crazy Aspen Dental places, because people won't be able to afford to start up their own and pay off their loans.

Think about that.

Then I think about the people that say..I paid for my education yada yada yada, why should anyone else get a free ride?

What about your kids? Don't you want better for them? For them to have it easier and not start out with crushing debt?

That said, higher education needs to be made more affordable for everyone, be it college or training for blue collar jobs.

Next up...Super PACs etc

I think we all agree that corporations need to stop picking our leaders, right?

Nuff said.


Medicare for all is the only thing that is fair and will work. However, it ain't going to happen. And the one thing about The Affordable Health Care Act that needs to change is to not penalize someone for not having health insurance. If it comes down to eating and health care or paying bills and health care, we know what most people will choose, right?

And also..if you look at the policies that are affordable? The coverage SUCKS if you really get sick.

On that note I wish I could make this election period go away, cos I'm sick of everyone right now.


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Politics makes me go crazy. I really hate politics cause every person that takes part in it is a liar. Honest people don't even want to go there.