Sunday, February 07, 2016

Anger, I Has It

I haven't had drama in my life in a long long while. I've had life issues, but not drama, but thanks to someone I've been friends with for 20 + years, I am getting drama.

I can't even speak with this person right now because I am so angry and I don't want to say anything to lose that person's friendship.

But I'm damn close to writing them out of my life, which would pretty much leave me with no friends that weren't from the internet. Not that it matters, because I haven't seen this friend since I moved into the new house back in July. I haven't talked to this friend much since then either, which is kind of sad.

However there is one thing you don't do, and that is give out my cell number.

Now mind you the person that attempted to call me today had my phone 10 years ago, but I highly doubt it was kept. If it was...then I am even more creeped out than I was when I thought my number was given out.

Seriously, this is why crazy cat ladies exist, because people are fucking nuts.

I have lost all faith I have in humanity.

I will die alone...and be a dotty old lady that scares the neighbor kids away with my meanness.


Bilbo said...

I understand anger about giving out the cell number. The number of people outside of my immediate family that has my cell number can be counted on one hand ... and you're one of them. And yet somehow I still manage to get telemarketers and oddballs calling me.