Monday, November 09, 2015

Another Weekend From Hell

Some people actually relax on the weekends and they get things done.

I was doing great on Saturday until supper time when my sister's dog decided to go all apeshit on my little chihuahua.

So Sunday morning was spent driving to Castle Shannon with a dog who had a scratched cornea and wasn't too happy.

$439 later she's doing much better and Powder is banished from our house. Poor thing, but I'm not taking any chances that they won't get into another scuffle and Scratty is a tiny little shit of a dog, who thinks she's a big shit of a dog.

We are so lucky she wasn't hurt any worse.

Of course, brat that my Scrat is, she bit the vet tech causing me more problems. She also took a chunk out of me when I was trying to put her eye ointment on later in the evening.

All this a few days after my mom got out of the hospital with a bout of congestive heart failure.

Oh and the little dog also doesn't like the cone of shame and has managed to take it off at least 3 times since she got home.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

Verily, that doth suck! I hope you are spared more problems!

Mike said...

Time to invent the cone of shame harness.