Thursday, November 05, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Pet Peeves

Hmmm Pet Peeves

1. People that can't park ANYWHERE. I have a stronger desire to kill at my new home, because people really don't know how to park here at all.

2. Infomercials. I wish cable channel would stop with these things when they hit certain times of day. Seriously, no one buys this shit, air something else.

3. People who blame you for things that they did wrong.

4. People that use their phones for all forms of communication except talking. People cannot carry on conversations anymore.

5. Cliff hangers: These things annoy the crap out of me, especially with books that you have to wait a year or more to learn what happens and tv shows where you have months to wait...unless its Sherlock, then you have years and years and years.

6. Doctors who don't listen


Mike said...

All good choices to be irritated at.

rashbre said...

This little set of 30 items makes for interesting reading.

On today's one you've made some great choices. Even films do that cliffhanger thing - with a wait for ages to see what will happen next.