Monday, November 02, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Most Important Band/Musician

Asking me who the most important band/musician is cruel and unusual punishment. They don't call me the music whore for nothing. There have been so many artists that have been important to me over the years; The Beatles, The Monkeess, The Moody Blues, Duran Duran, Erasure, Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo. The list goes on and on.

Each band represents a certain part of my life. The Beatles and The Monkees were part of my growing up. Duran Duran, Oingo Boingo and Cheap Trick were my high school years.

I could go on and on. Let's just say that I've always loved music of many genres. Right now, I'm still loving Celtic Thunder and Keith Harkin. I love me some sexy Irish men.


rashbre said...

I expect you will have seen the Elvis Costello book by now (although at 600 pages it would take some time to read). He's been on our telly recently as a result, including a small section with Elvis Presley's ex-wife who loaned him one of Presley's guitars on which he played a song.

There's an interesting UK review of the book here:

rashbre said...

Heres the telly link - not sure if it will play in America. Was on the Jonathan ross show: