Wednesday, November 04, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Things To Say

Three things I want to say to different people.

I'm going to have a conversation with people I don't know because that's more fun. Plus, it would cause less trouble too, if I actually said things to people in my life...if ya know what I'm saying.

Justin Hayward: For the love of God, please please please record one final album with The Moody Blues. As much as I love December, I hate to think of that album being the band's swansong of original material. Please don't hit me for saying that.

Peter Capaldi: You are the most brilliant Doctor of the new series.

Steven Moffat: Would you do a reboot of Coupling or revisit that series, it was damn awesome.


rashbre said...

It also looks as if Capaldi has adapted and tuned the role. I quite like that. There was an amusing section a week or so ago when he managed to get in some 'Thick of It' type lines. It made me smile.