Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 unusual voices

1. Elvis Costello: Let's face it, his voice is not pretty by any standards, but I love it.

2. Gordon Lightfoot: His voice lies somewhere between folk and country. A beautiful Canadian twang.

3. John Lodge: Of the Moodies, John's voice is the most unique. Justin's voice is stunning, Ray had that lovely Celtic thing going on...even Pinder's voice had a tone that was familiar, not so with Lodgey. No one can sound like him...and no one can sing such strange stuff like Words You Say.....

4. Danny Elfman: Dark, brooding, moody and beautiful, that's my Danny. I miss him singing.

5. Martin Gore:  This man's voice is incredible...and gorgeous..and thudworthy!


rashbre said...

Ooh. I like Danny Elfman music but am not sure that I've heard him singing.