Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I Have A Cozy Addiction

In the last few months my favorite reading material has changed.

Sure I still love a great romance, but somehow since Christmas, I've developed an addiction to cozy mysteries. I don't know if its the recipes and tips that most of these books include or the quirky characters and their pets, but whatever, I devour them like candy.

Right now two of my favorite authors are Leslie Meier and Joanne Fluke. (Joanne has the best cozy cookie recipes in her books)

Even the covers are cozy.

I like my reads light and fluffy, much like my tv programing. Give me a cozy mystery and a cup of iced mocha and I'm a happy girl!

I'm reading the Sugar Cookie Murder right now.

So what are you reading? And what is your favorite type of book?


Bilbo said...

I just finished reading "Unholy Night," which told the story of the Nativity from the point of view of the Three Wise Men ... who weren't really wise men at all, but escaped prisoners who ...

You'll just have to read it, but it's a GREAT story!!